The Early Years

The Early Years

Today is a great day to reflect on our beginning. When I started Farm Girl, life looked a little something like this: I was a young wife + mom with another on the way. I didn’t know much about retail other than a little bit of experience I had from my first job at a boutique in high school. I dove headfirst into the retail world, learning everything I could on my own, spending hours researching, going to markets, and doing a lot of the grit work it takes to learn this business. Spoiler-I’m still learning.⁠

Our first year was a whirlwind as I brought another baby into the world three months shy of our 1 year birthday. 10 days after her birth, I carted a pack & play and my newborn with me everyday through our second year of business. My “breaks” consisted of bottle feedings, burping, and diaper changes. She would sit in a bumbo on my cash counter while I worked on my computer. I’m not sure how we ever got anything done but looking back, I’m thankful for those memories and the little years. In hindsight, I was raising three babies – not always getting it right but doing the best I could. ⁠

Our oldest loved being a Farm Girl, signing for packages, sweeping our floor, playing in our retail windows, and planting flowers in front. She was my first model and enjoyed answering the phone and greeting customers. In the summer time, I would pull out the lemonade stand and she would sell a cold drink and treats to passerby’s. She also enjoyed selling hot chocolate at our Christmas parade each year.⁠ She was just 2 when we started.

We’ve made a lot of memories as our girls have literally grown up at Farm Girl and I’m thankful for the little years. We all start somewhere and the seasons change. It wasn’t always easy but I’m thankful for the freedom and flexibility we’ve had with the shop. I’ll continue on this evening. 

A Family Business

A Family Business

Thank you all for the sweet words today on our first introductions post! I love hearing from you all and learning about each of you! ⁣

Tonight will be a little more on my family. These three are my world and are my why! It’s why Farm Girl is what it is because they all play a part in it. ⁣

They are my heart, my home, and my biggest cheerleaders. Always willing to give me a helping hand, take off with my wild ideas, and share in my joy and also in my hard times ⁣

My family will always come first. I posted this many years ago when I realized how much my shop was taking precedence over family but after business hours, I’m unavailable until the following day. Because they deserve it. ⁣

I read a quote once that said something along the lines of that we only get about 18 delicious summers with our children, so we need to savor each and every day. That means I’m halfway there with my oldest. Always pick your family. ⁣

I may keep Farm Girl forever and pass to them if they even want it, or it may fade like the seasons when our time is up. But it will never be more important than being a wife and mom. No amount of success could top my bunch. It’s my greatest gift and the joy of my life. ⁣

Another big push in this adventure I’ll be sharing with you Monday is for them, and I can’t wait to share more on that in the following weeks. I want you to see how God has worked all of this together for our good and for more purpose than just running a business. ⁣

These people are each unique and amazing and I’m so grateful I get to spend my life with them and share this adventure together. Our girls have literally grown up in Farm Girl and I love that they will have those childhood memories to tell one day. ⁣

I’m going to share some of our “early years” in Farm Girl tomorrow all the way up to present tomorrow evening. I’ve loved digging up old photos from the last 7 years and reflecting on all of our experiences. ⁣

Go love your families tonight. ⁣

Talk soon.⁣

Meet the Owner

Meet the Owner

Today’s posts are all about getting to know us!

Hey friends! There’s been several new faces around here since the announcement of our re-brand this week so I wanted to re-introduce myself.

I’m Kenzie-owner behind Farm Girl. See also —> Cleaning lady, customer service representative, book keeper, boss lady, social media manager, admin assistant, among a plethora of other titles and hats I wear.

I love Jesus and am so thankful for his daily grace. I’m married to my high school sweetheart who is a fireman in our town and we have two daughters, Paisley and Scout. I love to team rope, garden, read, do design work for Farm Girl Home Design , ride my horses, and write on my blog.

I come from generations of farmers and am so thankful we get to live this lifestyle and continue that heritage. I grew up in the rodeo world and went on to compete in college at OSU for a short time before getting married and starting our family. I do nothing I went to school for, but that’s how “our plans” usually end up. Nothing like we had in mind.

We love raising kids and cattle and spending time as a family on the great plains of Oklahoma. In the summers my Dad and husband operate a custom hay business so I try to keep the road hot with Hayfield Meals and sharing content to help other farm and ranch wives in the kitchen. I’m excited to see that little project flourish and hope to birth a cookbook this summer.

I’d love to get to know you! Comment below and tell me a bit about yourself and what brings you to my neck of the woods. 🙂

Our Store’s New Logo & Branding

Our Store’s New Logo & Branding

It’s time for our logo reveal!!! ⁣⁣I’m blown away at how it turned out. ⁣As many of you know, we have cattle and I have a small longhorn herd. About 6 years ago I decided to make my store’s logo from Rose, one of our girls, and she’s been the face of Farm Girl ever since. 🐮 ⁣⁣I’ll be sharing more about her and the that story but for now, I’d love to hear what you think! ⁣⁣We will have new logo merch soon. 🎉

See a couple other variations. I’m so amazed at how talented Tailia is and always makes my ideas come to life.

Since this Wednesday is all about logos and branding, I’m so excited to also share the pretty painting our designer did of our new girl, Mulberry! I love how she added in my paintbrush flowers. ♥️⁣⁣See my original photo of her on the ranch!

Any order placed with us when our store is back up will get a handwritten note with this pretty girl on it. 🐮 ⁣⁣If we did prints of this, would that be something you’d be interested in?

Farm Girl Color Palette

Farm Girl Color Palette

Throwing a little bit of branding your way as a sneak peek of what’s to come tomorrow – here’s our color pallet! 🐮 ⁣⁣These hues are pulled from and inspired by some of my favorite Oklahoma things. I branded my blog Farm Girl last year with my favorite flower (the Indian Paintbrush) and something that has a personal meaning to me. I wanted to incorporate it within my store too as an extension of my personal style. You’ll be seeing this on a lot of our images, packaging, and even some items we are going to sell! 👏🏼⁣⁣

The others are also native to HOME, my heritage, and what we spend a lot of our time on! ⁣⁣I can’t wait to reveal our new logo tomorrow morning and more branding tomorrow evening. I’m sure you’ve seen a few changes happen today and I can’t wait to share more as the week rolls on.

My store’s logo reveal is tomorrow!