Laying a Foundation

Feb 26, 2021 | 0 comments

The opportunities for teachable moments on hard work and customer service and instilling those qualities into our kids at such a young age has been really important to me. Taking the time to connect with our customers, many of them turning into our friends, has been such a bountiful harvest. I’ve made so many unique relationships through my store, one in particular I’ll share soon because it deserves a post on its own. But I want to show our girls to slow down and SEE people.
I’ve loved being an example for them to work with what you have and to make room to grow, to learn from your mistakes, that our idea of something may not pan out-but usually evolves into something even better. Letting them watch me go through hard times, even failing at something but always getting back up. Teaching them GRIT but also balance.
I don’t always get it right and didn’t always have that balance perspective. I missed out on a lot from being hyper-focused on “goals” and being a “boss babe” and trying to reach a certain standard or expectation of what “success” looks like for a lot of society.
I’ll tell you what success is for me. It’s being able to provide for my family. To get to be present during their lives. Helping others and giving back. To connect and share our story instead of benefitting from a sale with empty conversation at the register. If dollar signs are what a business is about for you, then you’re missing the most important part of being a small business owner. I’m not saying financial success is bad or you shouldn’t strive to do well. I mean, that’s what we all want as entrepreneurs, right? But that isn’t everything. These material things we sell in our shop might be fun, cute, or trendy in the moment, but if you aren’t willing to take the time for those who are helping put food on your table and investing in YOU, then the joy of what you are doing will fade. Even if it’s super successful.
I hope my girls never forget that. Community is everything. Lay a foundation. We all have cracks in them, and that’s ok. But invest in others and it will return 10 fold, ending up as a richer experience than a padded bank account.


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