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Jul 29, 2021 | 0 comments

I started this book last fall and then life happened. I picked it back up last weekend and literally couldn’t put it down, finishing it Wednesday evening. This is a book everyone should read and went along perfect as I’m in the middle of my mental toughness challenge. I’ve actually connected with Sarah a couple of times on Instagram and now I feel like I know her even more, I truly admire this woman. She makes no excuses, shows up for her family and in her work, while staying humble and grateful for all she has. I’m not sure if I’ve read another memoir like “the Pumpkin Queen’s” but I am floored by this David and Goliath story. She literally worked from the ground up and did anything, everything, and all the things to have what she has now. It gave me the push to get out of the rut I’ve been in with my own business and to do something about it.

I love her work ethic, leadership, love toward her employees,endurance, and forgiveness. Her vulnerability in this book, sharing the highs and lows, is beautiful. I finished the last page feeling like I walked around in someone else’s shoes for awhile. She has a true gift of telling a story.

She built a new life and saved an american farm. Her farm. We need more women like Sarah in the world. I will be re-stocking these books in Farm Girl soon!

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