Tractor Subs

Jul 30, 2021 | 0 comments

This easy make ahead sub can be also be toasted and made with whatever ingredients you’d like. They are perfect for all day on the tractor and Zack LOVES these because they are fresh and filling. I cut his in two and wrap each half up. In the morning he throws his ice, drinks, snacks, and lunch in his backpack ICEMULE cooler from my store (I’ll share more about that handy dandy thing soon) and has all he needs to eat for the day until I bring him dinner.⁣

I plan to share what all is in his tractor soon too. ⁣

Tractor Subs 🚜 ⁣
•French loaf⁣
•Cajun Turkey⁣
•Pepper Jack Cheese⁣
•Red Onion⁣
•Garlic Salt⁣
•Cracked Pepper⁣

Again, you can cut in half (which I do) and make two meals. On long days, he will probably take both. We switch out ingredients to make different sandwiches too.



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