May 26, 2021

  1. Kristin D Tarp says:

    My mom & I love this area! I would love to stay in this neat cottage. Where did your husband eat all you can eat seafood? I enjoyed your pictures.

    • It’s one of our favorite places. :) What I meant by all you can eat is that we have zero seafood (not fresh) in oklahoma so he ate all he could eat while we were there. HAHA! Sorry that statement was a little misleading.

    • Jenilee says:

      Oh no! I didn’t know poor Scouty got stung! Was she hesitant after that to get back in? Love all the pics! This trip needs its own album. That house is my jam! Love the fun colors ! So glad y’all got to get away and enjoy friends you don’t see very often! Did y’all get to eat at the Cran shack we were talking about? Try any Brunswick Stew anywhere?
      And, the grocery hack is genius!!

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