The Barn Project

Jun 1, 2021 | 2 comments

We spent the weekend helping my parents fix up the old barn at the cattle lots on the ranch. This beauty is old but I love the character and the stories it could tell. The horse stalls at the other barn just aren’t functional and quite a ways from where the arena will be. This area provides a lot more cover and will be handy to have everything in one spot.

The north side is now opened up and three stalls were built, each with a run for the horses to get some sun and graze.

Does anyone remember my old mason jar lights that hung in my store on main? Each stall will have a fixture. They are all LED and I might have changed two bulbs the entire 6 years they hung in my store. The pitch is super high so we won’t have an issue with a horse touching them and they will give the stalls some fun character. I plan to stain all of the wood to give it a more rustic feel.

We still have to run electric, level the ground, hang fans in the stalls, set up a hitching post + cross tie area, repair some damage and beams, pour concrete in the back space where we will store square hay, and a few other things but I love how it’s coming together. We will probably enclose more of it in the fall and prepare it for winter but for now, it’s perfect.

I’m going to add some fun touches like horse shoe hooks at each door for their halters, our brand on the front of the barn, and maybe some speakers for music. I can’t wait to spend hours down here!

Zack and Scout started disking up the arena – we still have to finish that up but shouldn’t take us too much longer.

Mulberry was eating treats from Paisley’s hand this weekend too. She’s pretty sweet and a great mama.

More barn updates coming soon! I can’t wait to see the lights installed.


  1. Holly R

    I love all the updates you’ve shared on your barn. You’re going to have some happy horses!


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