101 in 1001

I am so excited to start a 101 in 1001 list. I’ve seen these all over many of my favorite blogs and have always wanted to make one. I must say, making this list can be intimidating and a little hard. They are somewhat of a “bucket list” but not spread over a lifetime. The idea of a “101 in 1001” list is to complete 101 things in 1001 days. I love the thought of checking off some of my biggest goals. I finally decided to finish the list once I launched this new blog.  I pray that this will motivate our family to have some really fun experiences and “do” rather than just “dream.”

101 in 1001

Start Date: October 1, 2018
End Date: June 28, 2021
I used this to figure out my dates.

  1. Come up with 101 things (completed October 01, 2018 )
  2. Buy a building for Farm Girl
  3. Raise chickens
  4. Go on a family beach vacation
  5. Go to an Atlanta Braves game
  6. Have an in home photo shoot/video
  7. Learn to French Braid
  8. Run a 5K (Stilly Half completed October 6, 2019)
  9. Read through the Bible a book at a time
  10. Write letters to my kids and husband
  11. Complete the girl’s sister shared bedroom (Cowgirl Bedroom Tour-Completed November 2017)
  12. Organize our laundry room
  13. Creative a space in our bedroom to get ready at
  14. Make family yearbooks for our every year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017,2018,2019,2020)
  15. Develop a Capsule Wardrobe
  16. Have family pictures taken
  17. Have pictures of just Zack and I taken (Completed December 2018 Couples Session Post)
  18. Keep a journal
  19. Meet with a friend once a week
  20. Get a massage (Completed February 2019 for my Birthday)
  21. Get a facial
  22. Make homemade pizza with the girls
  23. Read 12 books in one year
  24. Fix up and decorate our front porch
  25. Bake my first cake with my KitchenAid Mixer
  26. Lead a Bible study
  27. Purge “excess” in our home
  28. Develop a workout routine
  29. Work on hand lettering
  30. Attend a cooking or baking class
  31. Travel to Montana with Zack
  32. Plant a garden and preserve the leftovers (if we have any)
  33. Pay for a stranger’s meal/drink
  34. Meet a need for someone
  35. Learn how to make my Great Grandma’s homemade coconut cream pie.
  36. Enroll Paisley and Scout in riding lessons
  37. Master 5 new hairstyles (Inspired from The Small Things Blog)
  38. Put $5,000 in savings
  39. Go on a tropical vacation with just Zack and I  (Mexico-Completed May 2019)
  40. Find a way to display our record player and records in our home
  41. Attend a photography class with my mom
  42. Quit caffeine (mainly Dr. Pepper)
  43. Celebrate our 10 year anniversary //
  44. Have a picnic
  45. Visit a friend in another state
  46. Get a professional blowout at a DryBar
  47. Build our entry gate and fence
  48. Enter into a roping with my dad.
  49. Clean up the outside of our place
  50. Find some balance to the chaos that is our linen closet
  51. Go to a Drive-in movie
  52. Fill out my prayer journal each month and become intentional
  53. Buy our home fresh flowers just because
  54. Grow a flower garden
  55. Try a spin class
  56. Host a barbecue at our home for friends and family
  57. Have a t-shirt quilt made
  58. Update my address book
  59. Complete Social Media Free weekends every weekend for a month
  60. Attend Vintage Market Days at the Farmers Market in downtown OKC
  61. Have a Farm Girl booth at the National Finals Rodeo
  62. Make a special cookbook with our favorite family recipes
  63. Learn to ballroom dance
  64. Print out favorite photos and make a coffee table album
  65. Perfect the chocolate chip cookie
  66. Post a guest post from someone on my blog
  67. Organize and stock the pantry with necessities
  68. Find an organization we are passionate about and tithe to it
  69. Exercise the horses 3 days/week for a month and get into the habit
  70. Learn how to fold fitted sheets
  71. Go on a beach vacation with our babies and family
  72. Try and blog 10 new Pinterest recipes
  73. Teach Zack to rope
  74. Start a new family tradition
  75. Road trip to Junk Gypsy in Roundtop, TX
  76. Buy bikes for Zack and I to ride together
  77. Find other ways to serve our church
  78. Surprise someone
  79. Attend the Kentucky Derby
  80. Come up with an annual community service project at the store
  81. Get copies of my great nana’s journals
  82. Build our chicken coop
  83. Develop a farm fresh section in the store where we sell fresh veggies from our garden and eggs from the coop.
  84. Be a guest on a podcast (Heart of the Bison-Completed February 2019)
  85. Build a tree house for the girls
  86. Have the store debt free by the time I turn 30
  87. Get our family dog
  88. Learn how to do my own makeup
  89. Develop a skincare routine
  90. Outdoor movie night with the girls
  91. Buy a trampoline for the backyard (Completed December 2019 for Christmas from Momoe and Papaw)
  92. Make the girls a dollhouse  (Completed December 2018 for girl’s Christmas)
  93. Master farming meals to take to Dad and Zack
  94. Take the girls to Disney World (Completed January 2020)
  95. Make it a priority to read to the girls every night
  96. Finish the girl’s baby books
  97. Build Zack’s much deserved shop building

There it is! I am so excited to start checking off some of these goals. :)

I would love to read your list // comment below with the link to it!