Welcoming Beauty

Oct 20, 2021 | 0 comments

Another post for my AOH photography class. I wanted to use my blog to document some small portions of my journal as well as my photos. Today’s topic was “Welcoming Beauty as a Daily Practice.” One thing this course has taught me is that I don’t expect beauty in my everyday when in actuality, it’s always around me. My circumstances do not have to be ideal but can still behold wonder.

Horses have always been my safe haven, my escape. Something among my everyday. I think I was riding one as soon as I learned to walk. They are just a part of me. I grew up rodeoing and still enjoy my days on the back of one. They’ve always brought me a profound peace and sense of freedom I can’t describe-there’s nothing else in this world that can do that for me like a horse can. On hard days, I would run to the barn, open my horses stall door and bury my tears into his mane-throw the saddle on and disappear from what was going on for a few hours.  

When I became a mother, I set my passions aside. I didn’t fully quit, but felt the need to give it up because it was the responsible thing to do. I realize, I let go a piece of me too and that’s been a big realization for me as I’ve felt so lost these last few months. It’s ok to do things for yourself. It’s imperative we keep that joy.

I love this picture of a couple of ours in the pasture that I took. I love how the light highlights their mane and tails. I love how beautiful they are. How kind they are. How free they are. That’s how I want to live.


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