I just wanted to pop on and share one of our growing babies. If you’ve followed me on Instagram, you know that we decided to jump into the registered part of raising long horns last year and this is our very first registered baby we’ve raised. We have some big goals and plans for our […]

Rafter PS Longhorns, Rafter PS Ranch

September 1, 2021

Growing Babies

Mulberry……as you know, I love my Longhorns. It’s not my family’s first choice of cattle or what the Rafter PS Ranch has the majority of. My herd is small, but growing. I hope one day to have several and need another piece of land to raise them all. I love what they embody, their hardiness, and let’s […]

Agriculture, Rafter PS Ranch

June 25, 2021

Texas Longhorn Education | Part 1

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