Early Morning Routine + Mixtape

Early Morning Routine + Mixtape

Our mornings need to have some structure due to me being a small business owner and now newbie homeschool mama. Not to mention having a husband who’s a full time career fireman and farmer. When Zack and I made the decision to homeschool, he made the suggestion of having a morning routine and fun playlist for us to get our morning started and set the tone for the day.

Things will evolve and change as we get deeper into the year but for now here’s what mornings will look like around these parts for awhile:

5 AM: I’m off to the gym if Zack isn’t at the station to get my workout in for the day. Sometimes I have to get them done in the afternoon, but I prefer knocking them out in the morning. It’s hard to peel the covers off but my days go so much better when I start them off sweating. If Z is at the station, I try to get a workout outside.

6:30 AM: I wake the house up, Z starts cooking breakfast or I will get it ready if he is on shift. Morning playlist gets turned on for some soft background noise and the girls start their morning Bible time. I get a shower and then grab my Bible and sit next to them. I work on my study while we also discuss what we are learning as a family.

7-8 AM: Eat breakfast, I finish my quiet time while the girls brush teeth, get dressed, and make their beds. I get ready for the day, kitchen cleanup, make our bed, change laundry out.

8 AM: Begin our school day.

Some tips that make our days go a little smoother:

  • The girls will go with me to work at noon so we will still pack lunches. I have those done the night before.
  • I set everyone’s clothes out the night before.
  • I try to prep as much as I can as far as meals go.
  • I do one load of laundry a day. If I don’t it piles up and I easily get behind.
  • The girls have little chores the are asked to get done each day that truly help mama out around the house.
  • I aim to go to bed with my kitchen clean so it’s ready for the next day.
  • I use my planner and make lists. I’m not always able to stick to them but it helps keep me on task.

Do you have a morning routine?