Our Master Bedroom

Our Master Bedroom

I’m excited to finally share our master bedroom with you all! Of course, there are still some things I’d like to change over time (like planking the walls and new trim) but I love how it is for now. I’ll link everything below! If you share to Pinterest, please tag and give proper credit.

This was one of my first Farm Girl Home Design Projects before I start taking on clients. I needed to build up a portfolio of some different rooms and decided, why not my own? I’m a big neutral girl so everything has a pretty calm tone with a few pops of color. It makes adding things easy when the color pallet isn’t all over the place.

Our headboard was custom made and a Christmas gift about 5 years ago. The brand pillow was from my store when we started making them about 6 years ago but we no longer offer them.

I’ve had these floating boot shelves for over 5 years now in this evolving corner but I finally have it the way I like it. I used to have my pretty blue couch I painted but have since gotten rid of it. I’m a bit of a cowgirl boot connoisseur so why not display them!?

I’ve been wanting a custom chair here but am saving up to get what I want some day. I’ll link this pretty leather one at the bottom. The mini blanket ladder was in our living room but I moved it in here to fill this space and add some of ours on to it. We use this chair a lot for brushing the girls hair, putting on shoes, etc.

Our bedding is a bit of a hodgepodge of things I’ve gathered over the years and put together. It is a rusty/orange linen duvet. Nothing extravagant. The bed skirt was from an old set I had purchased from junk gypsy about 7 years ago. Currently, I have a Pendleton quilt over this duvet. I’m always changing it out.

Lamps are also about 5 years old but I love how simple they are! I haven’t been able to find them again.

One of Zack and I’s songs is ‘Missing You’ by Flatland Cavalry and a few years ago they were hand writing your favorite FC song and selling them. I happened to get ours for our 7 year anniversary and had it framed. I love using personal touches to decorate your space instead of just random items that don’t have meaning. We also have both of our girls newborn pictures framed.

My vanity is one of my favorite spots in our room and I did an entire post with the details on that. You can read all about it here.

I hope you loved the space! You can get the full view on my Instagram Reels with a video I posted of it last week. There may be a few things that have changed or aren’t pictured above. I’ll link all I can below.

My Vanity Area

My Vanity Area

Today I’m excited to show you my small vanity area that I created in our master bedroom. This was a fun little project I enjoyed piecing together. I’ve been wanting a spot to get ready at for sometime that was also functional and didn’t take up much space. Our bedroom is good size but I didn’t want to have a large piece of furniture that cluttered up the room, however this wall was completely bare and needed something.

I put it next to my tall jewelry box so the area would flow together. That’s why you’ll see a couple of extra links for a few items you might not see in the photos like my dried bouquet. The mirror is sitting on the vanity but is anchored at the top to the wall, perfect for the stool height.

This also serves as my desk most of the time when I’m home but I love this small set up and inspires me to fix up more. The two drawers are simple and I added these clear trays to store hair accessories, make up, brushes, and more.

I hope this inspries you to make a little area of your own. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or extravagant. My vanity was $250. All of the extras I already had. Let me know what you think!

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Photos: Baleigh Creed Photography

I’ll be sharing our master bedroom tour soon!