Aussie Favorites

Aussie Favorites

Here are just a few of our favorite items for our aussies! We buy all of the Carhartt things for them, I’m a sucker for a good bandana, and being active/natural working dogs, we play with the toys a lot. I’ve linked my entire amazon storefront for their category below that has several other items not pictured such as more toys, pendleton dog beds and accessories.

I also want to mention that you can purchase your Aussie Door hanger from my store here and the doormat here.

Both of fire dogs also have collars from Tacti Pup with their names embroidered on with a thin red line American flag patch attached. We love them for Chief and Smokey. :)

One last thing, take my word on BOTH of the vacuums. This makes cleaning up the “aussie glitter” much easier. I’ll never buy a vac with a cord again.

Find all of these things and more on my Amazon Store.