Scout’s 3rd Birthday Party & Father’s Day Cookout

Jun 18, 2018 | 0 comments

When your birthday falls on Father’s Day, sometimes you just have to throw the two events together and have a big family party. We decided this year to not do a big birthday party because it is too much to try to get everyone together twice along with the fact that I’ve learned that you don’t always need a huge party to have fun.Scout is donut obsessed so I decided to order a fun birthday cake, have presents, and let the kids play in the water. Keeping it simple this year like we did with Paisley’s party made it so much more enjoyable. We had family over for father’s day and I whipped up Pioneer Woman pulled pork for sandwiches, cowboy beans, and potato salad. You can find the pulled pork in her Dinner Time Cookbook but I’ll try to share the recipe soon as well as how I prep to save time. I’ve made it on so many occasions now I can probably do it in my sleep! HA! My mom also made homemade ice cream. She got so many cute things and we are so blessed with how loved our girl is. Her cake was a hit and so good!  I think Scout had a great day and it was nice to enjoy it with family! I caught this hilarious moment on camera as she was blowing out her candles. Eye roll on point! This diva gives us a run for our money. She didn’t want anyone to sing to her.

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes for our girl!


Cake + Cookies: Every Little Detail

Paisley + Scout’s Outfit: Joanna Gaines by Matilda Jane

Shoes: Livie & Lucca



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