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Feb 11, 2019 | 0 comments

I love gallery walls in homes. I’m not the best at them but one of my favorite things when it comes to home design is using your decor to not only reflect your style but also the people that live there. I see so many homes that are absolutely gorgeous, have the trendiest decor, gorgeous subway tile, and look put together but the problem is you have no idea who lives there. I really strive to print and frame photos, decorate with items that we love and are more personal to us while also being functional, and to make our house truly home. I think gallery walls are a great way to do that.

In our room, we have two large newborn portraits of the girls framed but the rest of the room is all about us. It’s our space and I like to make it cozy in here. It’s a retreat and our area. I love incorporating wood and metal elements and try to carry that throughout the house. I also love letters. I know they have been used as decoration for some time but they are a pretty timeless piece.

Our bedroom is quite a bit different than the rest of our farmhouse style home. It’s very rustic ranch and has a southwest style vibe. I’ve grown up on the back of a horse and we also raise cattle so I really wanted to pull some cowboy roots into our home. The horse shoe is actually from one of my old rope horses and I just added the frame around it. I’ll do a full room tour soon so you can see how all of this ties into our bedroom.

If you saw my recent post about our photo shoot then you see I finally got some of my favorite shots printed and framed. Again, I’m so glad we did a shoot of just us! I can’t stress enough how important it is to take pictures with your family. Family portraits will forever be my favorite thing to decorate with. Family IS your home and I love using canvases, framed prints, Polaroids strung on garland, photo books for the coffee table, etc of my people to shine throughout the house.

Last but not least, one of my absolute favorite items on this gallery are the framed song lyrics of Flatland Cavalry’s “Missing You” which is Zack and I’s song. Cleto Cordo, the lead singer, hand wrote these as a charity fundraiser and I bought them on our anniversary. I love using personal touches and think they are the cherry on top of any great gallery wall. I’ve seen vows framed, letters, special event items like concert tickets or something from a first date. There are so many things you could do to bring out the romance side and put within your display.

I know there are a million galleries out there much fancier and more put together than mine but I just wanted to share and stress the personal touch to the whole idea. I’d love to see yours or hear your ideas in the comments below!



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