Farm Girl Boutique {After}

Farm Girl

September 30, 2014

  1. Everything is just absolutely gorgeous!

  2. oohhh mmyyyy gooshh! I could stay there all day! I love all the details, all the things you offer! looove it!

  3. These pictures make me SO happy! I’m so happy for YOU and absolutely love everything about your store…if I were going to open a store of my own and you crawled into my brain to see what it would look like, you would see Farm Girl! I seriously cannot wait to visit…you’re giving me a major itch to do something similar in Bowie, which I’ve thoughts about here and there over the past year ;-) Also, can I just tell you again how much I LOVE that metal day calendar?!!! I’m guessing it’s not for sale and just part of your display, but if it is, I WANT IT! Bahahaha. No, seriously…I really, really do want it! ;-)

  4. This is so cool! <3 and wish I could come wander in there!

  5. I totally want that aztec sweater. Linking to all your social media to see if I can get it :)

  6. SO beautiful! Great job! I wish I lived closer so I could come visit the store!

  7. I still can’t get over the CUTENESS of the store! You did an amazing job!!

  8. BEAUTIFUL store!! The characteristics of it are just amazing! I love love love “the barn”!

  9. I love everything about everything about this store! Congratulations and good luck with it! If I ever find myself in Oklahoma, I’ll be shopping :)

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