Scout’s 4th Toy Story Birthday Party

Jun 18, 2019 | 0 comments

Our big girl is four today and I wanted to share her Toy Story party we had mixed in with our Father’s Day cookout yesterday.

Toy Story has been a favorite around our home since Paisley was little and Scout has followed suit with loving it just as much, if not more than we all do. And, what a perfect time to turn 4 the same week Toy Story 4 comes out in theaters. I remember watching the first two growing up and also finding out Andy was the same age Zack and I were when the third came out the summer before we went to college. Safe to say, we are a bit sentimental.

This was such a fun table to put together. I didn’t do much other than order a few decor items, bring her toys from home, order a cake and get a water inflatable for the kids to play on.

I ordered Scout’s hat and boots from the Disney Store and my mom got this cute little dress from Target. I’m pretty sure she wore it for three days straight, including to sleep.

We’ve had this costume before when Paisley was two and Jessie for Halloween but obviously they’ve both outgrown it so it was part of her birthday gift from Zack and I. I purchased it as well as my “Andy Shirt” and Paisley’s tee from the Disney store.

The precious cake and cupcakes were made by Carrie from Every Little Detail. I purchased the topper (actually a toy) off of Amazon. I’ll post a link with these items at the bottom of the post where you can purchase on my Amazon store.

I grabbed a carboard box and wrote Sunnyside on it just like in the third movie and put the girls toys in it. It was such a fun way to decorate-for free!

I bought these sweet little stick horses from The Dandy Dill for the kids favor and so they could ride around and play at the party. The glasses, Scout’s Claw cup, and hats are also linked on my Amazon store.

We made homemade ice cream and bought Pizza from “Pizza Planet.” Zack’s shirt also linked.

It was such a fun day celebrating our sweet girl and an easy party to throw. I can’t believe our baby is four!

Below are the links to what I used.

Party Items

  • Scout’s hat, boots, Paisley’s tee, ANDY shirt – Disney Store
  • Scout’s Dress – Target
  • Cake and cupcakes – Every Little Detail
  • Table skirt, goodie bags – Oriental Trading
  • Zack’s Shirt, kids glasses, hats, balloons, cake topper toy, Claw cup, cow print table wear – My Amazon Store
  • Bullseye Stick Horses – The Dandy Dill
  • Scout’s Invitation – TLC Squared


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