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Sometimes when you lose something special to you, pieces of that loss will show back up in other things. In this case, a horse. ⁣⁣

13 years ago I lost “the one” to a brain tumor and it wrecked my world. That one horse you only get to have one time. The special one. He was my all around rodeo horse and we did it all. He was my safe place, one I could turn steers, run barrels, or hop on bare back in a halter and ride trails for hours. We were both 16 when he passed and since then I’ve had a lot of great horses but not one that compared to him in personality, disposition, athleticism, heart, etc. ⁣⁣

I still have Flash, my heel horse but we’ve been looking for something I could head off of, Zack could learn off of, and something else the girls could hop on when they wanted to. I’ve looked for months and gave up hope long ago I’d ever find another Pete. ⁣
Until two weeks ago. I was on a Texas Team roping horse group and came across this guy and just knew in my spirit I needed to try to get him. ⁣I could just tell. ⁣He traveled from The New Mexico/Texas state line all the way to our ranch yesterday and it feels like home.
It might not mean a lot to someone on the outside looking in but I felt like yesterday I got a little bit of my Pete back and some of my heart. We had so many plans and lot of rodeos to do and I lost a lot of precious time but I’m excited to start some new memories with this boy who reminds me so much of him. I’m excited for him to teach my husband and let my girls love all over him. ⁣⁣Next project as soon as hay season is finished is getting our arena up and breaking in fresh steers on this guy.

Horses have ways of healing places of your heart you didn’t know needed to be healed. Welcome to the Rafter PS Hugo. You are loved so much already.


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