Taco Salad

May 27, 2014 | 2 comments

I love that my blog will be handed down to our kids someday and one thing I want is to share some of our favorite meals. This space is not only our life journal but a home cookbook for our little family.
Taco Salad is about as simple as it gets and is a new favorite in our house. It takes no time to make. My mom actually gave me this recipe {where most come from} and we really enjoy it!
1 bag of Doritos {Mom uses Spicy Nacho}
I large head of lettuce
2 large tomatoes {I used more since they were small}
Green onions
1 can of Mexican beans {hot beans} DRAIN JUICE
Shredded cheese {sprinkled}
Zesty Italian dressing
*My mom puts radishes in her salad but we choose not to. Just preference.
I start off my adding chips to the bottom of the bowl.
Cut your lettuce and then add to the bowl.
What I like to do is add the chips and lettuce in layers. Chips, lettuce, chips, lettuce. This way its evenly distributed.
 Dice tomatoes and green onions.
 Add to bowl.
 Next, add in the beans but make sure you drain the juice off first. Stir mixture and sprinkle in shredded cheese on top.
I let everyone add their own dressing when they fix a bowl of salad. My husband personally likes ranch on his.
This is a super simple recipe and makes a great meal! Prep time is around 10 minutes and this feeds about 4-6 people depending on portion size. If you would like to feed more just double.
Enjoy! :)


  1. Pamela

    Making me hungry :)

  2. ~Dawn~

    My kids have been begging me to make taco salad….this is a different recipe than mine, but I’m excited to mix it up a bit!


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