The Solly Dolly Wrap

Jul 21, 2015 | 2 comments

scout-lifestyle-home-web-72I am in love with Solly Baby. The quality of their products are amazing. When I was getting Paisley’s Big Sister Bag ready for the hospital, I bought this doll wrap for her to play and “match” me when I wore little sis. She loves being able to baby wear just like mommy. :)
scout-lifestyle-home-web-75 scout-lifestyle-home-web-78 scout-lifestyle-home-web-82It is super soft and easy for her to run around in. It’s literally a mini version of their Adult wrap.scout-lifestyle-home-web-86 scout-lifestyle-home-web-89Transitioning into a big sister when you have been the only for awhile is tough sometimes. I was so worried the last few weeks of pregnancy what Paisley would think when Scout came along. She has taken the older sibling roll like a champ with helping whenever asked and even voluntarily. The kisses and loving on Scout just completely melts me. We have really made an effort to include her in baby related duties and I think it’s helped a lot.
scout-lifestyle-home-web-92It’s been the sweetest thing to watch her play in her room and talk to her baby doll “Scout” while wear, changing, and feeding her. scout-lifestyle-home-web-93If you are in the market for a sweet gift for your little-I highly reccommend Solly.scout-lifestyle-home-web-94Paisley, we are so proud of the awesome big sister you have become. We love you so much sweetheart!

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  1. Crystal

    Oh how sweet is this!! These pictures are amazing and you three are just the prettiest!


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