Easy Crock-Pot Stew

May 19, 2014 | 4 comments

 This is one of my favorite recipes and a frequent meal in our home. It’s simple, quick, and is easy clean-up that usually leaves us with 1-2 days worth of left overs. :)
Stew Meat
1 Onion
2 Cans of Stewed Tomatoes
2 Cans of Green Beans
 2 Cans of Corn
Carrots {Optional-not in this recipe}
1 Large Can of Tomato Juice
Salt + Pepper
 I first cut up the meat into smaller pieces and cut the fat off. You can slow cook your meat with an onion and a little water and then add the rest of your ingredients later but since I slow cook mine all day, I toss everything in at once.
Next I peel and cut my potatoes and add to crock-pot. There isn’t a specific number I use. Generally, it depends on the size and if we want more or less.
Cut the onion and add in. I like to cut mine into strips but it is strictly preference. I think the onion is essential for flavor.
 Next, add in two cans of corn and two cans of green beans.
 Be sure to drain the juice from both. Obviously fresh, home grown veggies is best but if that isn’t an option, these are the brands that I like to use.
 Pour in the two cans of stewed tomatoes.
 Then pour in your large can of tomato juice. Once everything is in the crock-pot, I add in water until it is filled to the rim. Be sure to season with salt and pepper and stir.
I throw this together in about fifteen minutes early in the morning and cook on low all day. We usually have dinner around 6:30-7:00 so it cooks for at least 11 to 12 hours. I will check to make sure the potatoes and meat are done. If so, your stew is ready!
Like I said, this huge pot lasts us for a few days and is a favorite go-to meal. Recipe credits go to my mom! She makes the best! :) Enjoy and please comment or email if you have questions!


  1. Jana Tolman

    YUM! I love stew. It’s one of my favorite comfort meals. Pinned!

    Also, I have that cutting board. Hooray for red kitchen equipment. :)

  2. Cat

    I don’t eat tomatoes ( i know Im un-american) but this looks like a great recipe to make for my family. Thanks for sharing.


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