The Pioneer Woman Mercantile – A Visit to Osage County

Dec 30, 2016 | 0 comments

On Monday, my mom and I took the girls for a little day trip to Pawhuska. We love Ree Drummond and have been itching to see her new Mercantile & Deli since it opened this fall. It wasn’t a bad little trip from where we live, almost three hours. We have family that live in the area so we’ve made the jog to Northern Okie Land before. Pawhuska has several neat old buildings and it looks like their downtown is really starting to thrive and expand. I love how she kept her building original as she could.There was a long line as expected so we decided to shop around first and then make a decision to see if we wanted to check back in and try to wait to eat. The store was larger than I thought. She had a lot of her line there as well as a lot of cute other merchandise (many items and brands that I carry in Farm Girl– neat that we have similar tastes!) That cow pillow with the floral headband-my mama bought it for me and it’s my favorite pillow in the house. I have a cow obsession.I realllly want a farm truck like that for the store. SO CUTE!Paisley and Scout got to pick out and buy a few items with their Christmas money. And I must say, were extremely good the entire trip! Shoppers like their mama and momoe.After we checked out we took the elevator upstairs to grab some sweets for Dad and Zack at the bakery. They had a ton of tables, comfy chairs, a big screen with football going for the men (well played, Ree, well played) checkers, and an old fashioned candy bar. The girls and I grabbed some seats while my mom went to get in line. Not five minutes later Paisley starts flipping out saying “MOM-SHE’S HERE!”

***For those of you who haven’t followed this blog for a very long period of time, Paisley has been a total fan of Ree’s since she was two years old. She got a full farm kitchen one year to cook at like Ree. She watches (and we DVR) her show every time it comes on, can quote it, and there aren’t many episodes we have not seen. She loves Charlie, the cowboys, and learning the tricks of The Pioneer Woman trade. When we told her we were going to her store, she told us that she was going to meet {and cook with} her. Bless her heart. I thought it was a sweet thought but knew it was probably not going to happen.

Back to my story: After she tells me this, I’m still looking at some of the things we bought when she will not give it up. So, as I look up I see her red hair and sure enough, people began to line up. Paisley starts tugging my arm and exclaiming “MOM, SHE’S REALLY REAL! THE PIONEER WOMAN IS REAL.” You would have thought she was a Disney Princess to Paisley. So cute! One of the things we got the girls was the new Charlie Plays Ball book so we got in line to have her sign it and say hello.It was adorable at how much Paisley was totally fan girling and in awe that she got to meet her favorite cook and role model. She was super sweet and genuine and chatted with us for a little bit. I told her we carried her books in my store and gave her our business card. {And secretly hoping she looked me up and by some miracle we could have a book signing with her some day.}
Afterwards the line got super long {glad we jumped in when Paisley saw her} and moved back into the bakery line. I grabbed us some blue berry muffins that had a sugar crumble on top – so GOOD, Zack a snickerdoodle, Dr. Pepper jelly beans, and a cinnamon roll for the road.The bakery was gorgeous and also had a coffee bar. While we were standing in line, right behind us stood Marlboro Man, aka Ladd. We tried to get Paisley to take a picture with him too but she was too shy to meet him.
Afterwards the line to eat was about 45 minutes out and the girls had been so patient the entire time. We decided to not chance it and planned a trip to come back. We stopped in town for a bite to eat and made our way home.

If you are in the area, I recommend making the trip to see it. It’s such a fun atmosphere and they are truly a sweet and down to Earth family. It was such a fun girls day and I love the memories made with my mom and little ladies.


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