The Early Years

Feb 26, 2021 | 0 comments

Today is a great day to reflect on our beginning. When I started Farm Girl, life looked a little something like this: I was a young wife + mom with another on the way. I didn’t know much about retail other than a little bit of experience I had from my first job at a boutique in high school. I dove headfirst into the retail world, learning everything I could on my own, spending hours researching, going to markets, and doing a lot of the grit work it takes to learn this business. Spoiler-I’m still learning.⁠

Our first year was a whirlwind as I brought another baby into the world three months shy of our 1 year birthday. 10 days after her birth, I carted a pack & play and my newborn with me everyday through our second year of business. My “breaks” consisted of bottle feedings, burping, and diaper changes. She would sit in a bumbo on my cash counter while I worked on my computer. I’m not sure how we ever got anything done but looking back, I’m thankful for those memories and the little years. In hindsight, I was raising three babies – not always getting it right but doing the best I could. ⁠

Our oldest loved being a Farm Girl, signing for packages, sweeping our floor, playing in our retail windows, and planting flowers in front. She was my first model and enjoyed answering the phone and greeting customers. In the summer time, I would pull out the lemonade stand and she would sell a cold drink and treats to passerby’s. She also enjoyed selling hot chocolate at our Christmas parade each year.⁠ She was just 2 when we started.

We’ve made a lot of memories as our girls have literally grown up at Farm Girl and I’m thankful for the little years. We all start somewhere and the seasons change. It wasn’t always easy but I’m thankful for the freedom and flexibility we’ve had with the shop. I’ll continue on this evening. 


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