Paisley’s Kindergarten Graduation

Paisley’s Kindergarten Graduation

Yesterday we celebrated our Paisley graduating Kindergarten! I can’t believe she is going into the first grade. Weren’t we just dropping her off at Pre-K? This year flew by and she’s grown so much this year. We had some pre-graduation pictures with our friend Rikki the other day and they are something I am going to treasure forever. 
The morning of her big day! I took her to buy a dress for graduation and she picked this adorable one out all by herself. I’ll link her outfit details below.
Their ceremony was too precious. They sang a couple of songs, had an end of the year video, and each graduate got to walk across the stage while someone read what they wanted to be when they grew up. She’s a daddy’s girl.

We are so thankful for all of the family that showed up to watch. It made her whole day! 
Paisley and her sweet teacher. We loved Mrs. Johnson and are so thankful for all she taught Paisley this year.Some sweet friends from school.
And a pretty proud little sister who cannot wait to go to school herself.
We love you so much Paisley. You make us proud every day. You are such a kind, talented, and creative little girl and you are going to do amazing things with your life. Congratulations sweet heart. I know the day will come when I have to write your senior graduation post but I keep hoping our days will slow down before that one comes. Love you bunches!



Paisley’s Outfit Details:

Dress: Mustard Pie

Shoes: Livie & Lucca

Paisley’s 4th Cowgirl Party

Paisley’s 4th Cowgirl Party

Sunday we celebrated our sweet little cowgirl turning four with a wild west celebration! It was a simple but sweet party and she had a ball playing with all of her friends. And she seriously has the sweetest friends. Two of which drove up from Texas to spend the day with her. <3 44Every year instead of buying gifts, Zack and I put together a fun party and she has loved it. We hosted at a local ranch event venue, the party was literally in an old horse barn. It was really cute! When we got home she kept talking about how much fun she had with everyone. I’d chalk that up as a successful day.31Most people know how much Paisley loves, lives, eats and breathes being a cowgirl. The party was a total reflection of her. This year I only had to buy the food, cake, and a couple of utensils. Most of everything I borrowed from my house or used a couple of displays from Farm Girl. My nana let me use my great great grandmother’s lace table cloths and my mom used a few of her western bowls for some of the food. It was really simple and fun to throw it all together. My vision for the party was a western and rustic theme with pops of color and a southwest vibe.34I loved “The Waterin’ Hole.” I used this lemonade stand and wash tubs for the drink station. Both are Farm Girl displays (we also sell them) and looked really rustic. The cotton, milk can, and crock are also sold in Farm Girl but I brought them from home.
333635We bought glass bottled cokes, orange crush, root beer, and her favorite, grape crush for the wash tubs. We also had water and tea served.3832Her cake table was so much fun. I had Chelsea from Scribbles Bakery do her cupcakes, cookies, and birthday cake again this year. She always amazes me with her talent. They turned out perfect and was exactly what I wanted.105464547Every year I have the guests at her party write her a message in a book that goes along with her theme. When She turns 18 I plan to have all of the books wrapped up to give to her. 3117The cookies were a hit! I love the cute designs and the hats + horseshoes were my favorite! 8124The table decorations were some of my favorite touches. I used my collection of boots on all of the tables and around the venue with florals inside. I stuck a small mason jar at the bottom of the boot to give it some weight and water for the flowers. I also potted succulents and cactus in cheap pots to go along with my southwest cowgirl theme. I got the pots for 80 cents at Home Depot!1 41Her cake was so fun! I L O V E D the fringe touches.The cake stand is also mine but I got it at Farm Girl as well as the turquoise one previously pictured.421314Our cousin made mason jar banana pudding and my mom made “cow patties” also know as no bake cookies. :)2463916We had lil’ doggies (hot dogs) with the fixins’ and “horse chips” for our meal. I used pie tins for our plates to add western flair.12715628_10153261106870685_6041516127286724850_n9My dad and papa. They grilled the doggies for us. :)17Gift table.

I ordered the rope sign from a local shop a block from mine called The Rustic Ridge. She’s a business friend and makes some of the neatest stuff. I frequent her cute little store a lot. :) The banner behind it is from The Olive Grove Shop. I’ve bought several items from Sarah and she always does an amazing job.27For the party favors, I had a friend of mine hand make stick horses. The kids absolutely loved them and the fact that they got to take one home. They used them for stick horse races, western games, and to play cowboys and cowgirls.2829Zack’s mom and mama made these awesome cutouts out of CARDBOARD for the kids to have a fun photo booth with. I am constantly amazed at what they can make. You might remember last years Cinderella carriage. All of the artwork was free handed and painted. So stinking cute! They made the cactus as well that’s now displayed as decor in Farm Girl.4812715303_10153261106575685_512626623906078586_n12651121_10153261106595685_3485859229190551817_n12717224_10153261106800685_4104684168488650946_n12670857_10153261106680685_526601305241815295_nWe had horseshoes, rope the dummy, and brought the barrels for the kids to have races. I was going to have a table for the kids to make their own brand but you know how parties go, not always how you plan. :)23Paisley and her Papaw.264312647226_10153261113895685_9190518537078874_n12669509_10153261106975685_4998210045335437355_n25Scout got her some new Anderson Bean square toes just for the party.15 18 20 3012650971_10153261118700685_4812066999192364467_n 12687939_10153261109885685_911500003597099767_n12661913_10153261093715685_7749256827273485593_n12717490_10153261107090685_1205371500787899961_n12661912_10153261088280685_5195185871512842515_nShe had a great party and we enjoyed celebrating our sweet girl!


Cactus Garland

Rope Sign

Fabric Garland

Waterin’ Hole Stand, Washtubs, Milk Can, Cotton, Cake Stands, Barnwood Frame, Tractor Seat

Paisley’s Past Parties:

One: Minnie Mouse

Two: Olivia

Three: Cinderella

The Solly Dolly Wrap

The Solly Dolly Wrap

scout-lifestyle-home-web-72I am in love with Solly Baby. The quality of their products are amazing. When I was getting Paisley’s Big Sister Bag ready for the hospital, I bought this doll wrap for her to play and “match” me when I wore little sis. She loves being able to baby wear just like mommy. :)
scout-lifestyle-home-web-75 scout-lifestyle-home-web-78 scout-lifestyle-home-web-82It is super soft and easy for her to run around in. It’s literally a mini version of their Adult wrap.scout-lifestyle-home-web-86 scout-lifestyle-home-web-89Transitioning into a big sister when you have been the only for awhile is tough sometimes. I was so worried the last few weeks of pregnancy what Paisley would think when Scout came along. She has taken the older sibling roll like a champ with helping whenever asked and even voluntarily. The kisses and loving on Scout just completely melts me. We have really made an effort to include her in baby related duties and I think it’s helped a lot.
scout-lifestyle-home-web-92It’s been the sweetest thing to watch her play in her room and talk to her baby doll “Scout” while wear, changing, and feeding her. scout-lifestyle-home-web-93If you are in the market for a sweet gift for your little-I highly reccommend Solly.scout-lifestyle-home-web-94Paisley, we are so proud of the awesome big sister you have become. We love you so much sweetheart!

*This is not a paid or sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

A Cinderella Birthday

A Cinderella Birthday

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-7I am still dreaming about the Cinderella party we had for Paisley last weekend. Everything was perfect and the party exceeded all of my expectations. I couldn’t have done it without both my Mom and Mom-in-love and also my sweet friend Aubrey for taking all of the photos and video. I have to start planning a little before Christmas because once the holidays arrive and end, I have all but 3 or so weeks to pull everything together. Paisley has been in LOVE with Cinderella over the last year so I thought a princess party would be a perfect way for her and her friends to celebrate. I thought I would share where I got most of our decorations and the vendors we used to make this party a dream come true.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-54I will never forget the look on her face when she walked into the party. It was priceless and I am so glad that she was amazed and loved every minute.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-76I bought Paisley’s dress, “glass” slippers, and crown from The Disney store for 40% off around Christmas time.

InvitationI decided I wanted the party to be a little more vintage. My friend Becca from Jumping Jax Designs designed our invitations, signage, and silhouette prints. They turned out beautifully!

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-40cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-39We chose a local venue in our town for the party. This lodge was the perfect place to have a big crowd and I loved the natural light. It is hard to have anything outside in February. Last year’s party we had ice and snow, this year it was above 70. Welcome to Oklahoma.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0036 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-19farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0043My mother-in-law brought the buttons, and sewing items to use as table decor and the pumpkins are decorations we had at Farm Girl last season. We actually sell these neat pumpkins in the store during the fall. I love them because they are so imperfect. We also played the Disney soundtrack of ‘Cinderella’ during the entire party. :)

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-1 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-8The whimsical table decorations were my favorite project!


cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-12 A friend of mine made our cake a cookies. She is an amazing artist and I am so thankful she took on this project. I couldn’t have bought a more perfect cake or cookies. You can visit her blog and see her post on our sweets here. The “three banner” I bought from a cute little Etsy shop called Paper Trail and the glass slippers are from amazon.
cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-141cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-10The cake stand is mine from Farm Girl. You may notice them from Magnolia or off of Fixer Upper but we also sell them in our store. I bought the glittered ‘3’ and wand for Paisley from The Enchanted Princess off of Etsy. She was extremely reasonable and Paisley loves her wand! I’m excited to continue to use most of the items from the party as well as pass them down to Scout. I am using the ‘3’ in Paisley’s room.


farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0046I borrowed the lace tablecloths from my Nana. They were my great great grandmother’s. I love using old family heirlooms.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0048The banner I had bought for Paisley’s room and pulled it out to use as a backdrop for the cake table. You can find one similar at The Olive Grove Shop. Her room is in these fun colors and I thought it would look great for the party as well.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-173This book was one of Paisley’s gifts from her Daddy and I. Since we are putting together a “big girl” room for her, we decided to just get a few books. We can never have enough. She has a James Marshall book for ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and it is one of her favorites. I decided to use this as a guest book that she can look back on one day. I also did this at her Olivia Party last year.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-83The balloons are from Party City. We bought them and had our own helium tank from last year’s party to blow them up.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-1I found the Fairy Godmother from Amazon before Christmas for SUPER cheap. It’s really old and I think I paid under $10 for her. She was a steal.


Each friend got a tiara/crown, wand, a pair of dress up earrings and a favor bag full of candy. I bought the crowns and wands from oriental trading which I highly recommend because you can get a large quantity of favors for under $10.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-4   farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0035

The beads are actually dress up necklaces for the girls. Paisley’s favorite candy is candy corns so I bought these flavored pumpkins from hobby lobby as well as the gumballs. Both were on sale.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0044I got the clear cups from SAMS and added stickers. I do this every party just because you can get 200 or more for $9. We always have tons left over and use them at home or for other events. The cream cake stand is mine from home and the cream pitcher is also mine and bought from Farm Girl.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-45The fork and spoon holders are actually planters. You can also get those at Farm Girl. The lantern was from Zack and I’s wedding that we have in our home. All of the platters and punch bowl were borrowed from my mom and mother-in-law. Two of the platters were cheap ones from Dollar Tree. You can find our ‘Princess Punch’ recipe here on the blog. It is a party favorite and very sweet.


I wanted to incorporate the food into the theme of the party. I bought this crown cookie cutter for $2 and decided to do PB+J sandwiches for the kids. I also did Jaq and Gus’ cheese tray. The scene where they sneak cheese behind the cat in ‘Cinderella’ is a favorite of Paisley’s. My husband and mom made the fruit kabobs that we called magical wands.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0049My mother in law brought the “Royal Coach Dip.” I actually snagged this idea off of Pinterest


cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-16The carriage was made by my mother in law out of cardboard. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted some sneak peeks of it in the beginning stages. The pumpkins are from Farm Girl as previously mentioned as well as the small standing chalk board.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-43I bought these fun prince props from Perfectionate and the princess props from Let’s Get Decorative on Etsy. I am sure we will use them for years to come.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-57 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-58 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-65

Paisley’s sweet friend Sadie came from Texas to party with us! You can check out her mom’s blog here. :)cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-69 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-70 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-71We had a coloring station set up for the littles too.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0056Her friends began to show up and the party started. We dressed the little princesses with a crown and wand.


cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-165 farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0070I also set up a costume garland in case a little princess forgot her dress. :) Paisley loves to play dress up so we had a few extras.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0032My mother-in-law made her Fairy Godmother costume and dressed up for the kids. I think they were all pretty amazed. :)

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-98My mother-in-love and mom are the cutest.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-163 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-166After the Fairy Godmother arrived, it was time to open gifts! Paisley got some of the neatest things, including a mop and broom set {so Cinderella} from her Nana + Papa and a brand new pair of boots from her little “boyfriend,” Stran. Boots are the way to this little princess cowgirl’s heart. :)

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0062 farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0064 farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0065After gifts, we sang our sweet three year old Happy Birthday and watched her blow out the candles. :) Each candle she had to count to “3” and blow them out with Papaw’s help. It was the cutest and I am so thankful to have videoed that moment.

farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0042 cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-142farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0067After cake, cookies, and snacks, it was time for some more photo booth fun and for the kids to play.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-59 farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0055

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-160 The adults even jumped in on the photo booth. :)

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-155She has a pretty fun Moe Moe and Papaw! :)
cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-175farm-girl-boutique-cinderella-birthday-aubrey-lisa-photography_0052With our girl on her big day. :) We had a blast putting this sweet party together for her.

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-152A HUGE thank you to Aubrey for taking the photos for me and for the sweet video she did. I will cherish them forever. :)

cinderella-birthday-party-inspiration-farm-girl-princess-172I absolutely loved this party. It was so much fun to design and come up with ideas to make it adorable. I couldn’t have done it without the help of my mom and mom-in-law. I am not sure if we will ever be able to top it. I am so glad Paisley had a blast as well as her friends. Sweet memories made.

If you missed my video post yesterday, here it is again of what Aubrey shot. Feel free to pin images for inspiration and link back to our blog please. You can find the images already pinned here. :)