First Belts + Passing Down Heirlooms

First Belts + Passing Down Heirlooms

I gave Paisley a buckle I won on “the horse” that I loved with my whole heart and still miss to this day. He changed my life and I’ll never have another like Pete. We were born 10 days apart and I lost him when I was 16. If anyone is into horse genealogy/pedigrees, he was born and raised at Oklahoma State University and was a product of Sonny Slider. He was branded with the OSU logo and had the longest/smoothest gait. At times it seemed we were barely moving but he was a rocket and covered a lot of ground. I did it all on him. Roped, barrels, goat tie. We traveled everywhere to high-school rodeos and roping pens. But our favorite was bareback trail rides. I trusted him with my life and he trusted me with his. I never feared a thing when I rode him and he was my sweet escape.

I lost him to a brain tumor and the amazing surgeon that week who worked on him at OSU Vet Med did all he could to save him. He even cried when it was over. Pete was able to donate his organs and save other horses and that warmed my heart at giving others a chance. We were also told that his heart was larger than most “normal” horses but I already knew that. ♥️ A week later I was gifted a box in the mail from the vet school with his tail, braided with his name in charms in orange and black and I lost it.

He was my best friend and I believe God will have him waiting for me at a hitching post to mount up when I get to Heaven. It’s been almost 14 years and what I would give to have one last ride, shared cup of ice, or hug.

The girls’ first belts are super special and I wanted to give SM Custom Leather another shout-out on the girls new belts and my pretty picture frame too.

Shop small – you get what you pay for and she nailed everything I asked for. This being their first custom belt and adding this buckle made it all the more special. Excited for a few Christmas gifts I’m ordering.