75 Hard

75 Hard

I completed the #75hard challenge yesterday and it feels so good to say that. To know I started something tough and finished strong. This summer, I was in a funk and knew in my heart that I needed to lean into something that would challenge me in all areas of my life, especially mentally. This challenge isn’t about fitness although it has those aspects to it. But it’s all about training your brain, gaining grit, and saying yes to hard things because those are usually the most important.

I’ve noticed certain patterns in myself that I just wasn’t proud of and the main one being that others could count on me but I couldn’t. I would flake on myself time and time again. I had no mental clarity, was exhausted, and felt like I was at a complete standstill in my health/fitness journey. I was going through the motions of everyday life.

I shared my journey on Instagram and you can find all of my posts in my “Grit” and “75 Hard” highlights. I put a call for questions and had several of you all ask away. I’ve never had a response on anything I’ve shared like I have with this challenge so I felt like it was important to take the time to share it with those who were interested or wanted to know my experience.

I also want to make note because I know that everyone loves before and after photos. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my body unclothed with strangers on the internet but I think you can tell with clothes on. More importantly, I gained such a better mindset for myself. I didn’t lose a ton of weight but I did in inches and put on muscle. Again, this isn’t a magic program and the goal isn’t to look a certain way.

I’m going to share my video below and I’ll also just share a few of the most frequent questions I had underneath it. I know the video is lengthy BUT it has EVERYTHING in it. My workouts, diet, reading, motivation, support, etc.

Below are the most FAQs from Instagram, which again, are answered in full detail in my video above.

  1. What is 75 Hard? – It’s a mental toughness challenge that has several components you must complete each day. If you fail to complete them, you have to start all over from day 1. It’s like an ironman for your brain.

Components are:

  • Two 45 min workouts. They cannot be back-to-back and ONE of them MUST be outside.
  • Read 10 pages of a non fiction book.
  • Drink 1 gallon of water.
  • Follow a diet.
  • Take a progress picture each day.
  • No cheat meals or alcohol/soda/sweets

2. What “diet” did you follow? – I counted macros. I’ve done this on and off for two years and really enjoy it. I’m not a fad diet person. I think we all need proteins, carbs and fats to function. My Fitness Pal is my favorite app to help track.

3. What made you choose this method? – I wasn’t going into this for a fitness challenge because it isn’t that. I needed to rewire my brain and change my mindset. I totally recommend that you evaluate your “why” before you start.

4. Do you think you’ll continue the habits you’ve created? – ABSOLUTELY! I’m so thankful that I stuck it out and did this. I won’t be doing it 100%, but I will for sure continue to drink as much water as I can, only splurge on occasion, read everyday, and get at least one workout in.

5. Are you planning to go on to do Phase 1/Live Hard? -Yes! But we are about to enter my business season at the store and also have a couple of trips planned. I need a break from doing another challenge so I’ll probably do that one in the spring. Honestly, I’d love to do 75 Hard again next year and am going to try to get my hubby to join me.

6. How do you make time for workouts? – To be blunt because that’s how Andy is: you make time for what you want to make time for. If you truly want to do this, you’ll find a way. Sometimes it’s waking up at 4:30 am or finishing at 9 pm which I did often.

7. What books did you read? – I LOVED this aspect of the challenge because I’m naturally a reader anyway its just one of those things like many others that I would put off. I read more than 10 pages a day but here’s a few books I finished. The first was truly life changing and I blogged about it. I’ll link those.

I hope this helps anyone who’s interested in trying! It’s tough and not 75 Easy but I promise, you’ll be so thankful when you check off that day 75.

I want to say thank you all for the sweet encouragement. I’ve never done or taken the time to do anything like this for me and it was so needed.

On to Week 2: Mental Toughness

On to Week 2: Mental Toughness

I have over a week under my belt since starting this “mental toughness” project. When I complete it in September I will share all that I’ve learned, progress, and exactly what I’ve been doing. But for now, I wanted to share a few tidbits on what I’ve come to realize in the last week.

  1. I waste a lot of time. The certain things I’ve HAD to get done to do this have made me learn to prioritize it better.
  2. I can do hard things.
  3. I was super addicted to sugar.
  4. Said sugar/caffeine gives me a lot of brain fog.
  5. I feel and sleep so much better when I work out.
  6. I’m not as mentally tough as I thought it was. This project takes discipline. I’m excited to see what is to come in the next 8 weeks.
  7. Wear the shorts and wear the tank tops. Life is to short to care about what other people think of your body. You do YOU. If you like it, rock it sister. (coming from someone who’s terrified to wear tank tops in front of others)
  8. It’s ok to treat yourself and eat things you love. But you need to find balance. I’m teaching myself healthy moderation.
  9. Some people won’t understand why you’re doing this. That’s ok. Show up for yourself and they will see why eventually.
  10. Quit putting what you can do or start today off until tomorrow. You might not have tomorrow OR you’ll wish you would have started when tomorrow turns into a year from now.

It’s amazing what you can do in a week. Those small changes and discipline lead to bigger things.

Stay tuned.

Reflections on Mental Toughness + Grit

Reflections on Mental Toughness + Grit

Today was a hard one mentally. Pushing through things I don’t want to. Fighting through things that hurt. I struggle sometimes and this mental toughness project I’m doing makes you face things you push down. I have a highlight saved on my instagram with a little more in depth of what I’m talking about.

But as I was on our road finishing up, the very last paint brush we have was right in front of me and if you know me at all, you know how special these are to me, how they are all through my branding/what I do, who they remind me of, etc.

Not that it was, but it seemed as if it was saved for me today-like God was saying, here, I see you. I’ve got you. Keep on fighting, you can do this through me ONLY.

And that’s the point my friends. Our “toughness” and strength comes from Him-no where else.

I’m going to miss seeing these. They’ve always been my favorite. Some call them weeds, but I’ve always seen them as beautiful. They aren’t able to survive on their own. Their roots work themselves into other plants to gather their nutrients for a short time and then they are gone. They remind me of myself too, I can’t survive on my own. Like me, they are imperfect. But, it’s almost the end of their season. Sort of like this weak one I’m going through.

This is your reminder that your flaws and struggles are an opportunity to draw near to Him and gain a strength that only comes from our Heavenly Father.