Flying Spade Favorites

Flying Spade Favorites

If you’ve poked around on my instagram for any period of time, you know how big of a fan I am of Flying Spade Co. May is a dear friend of mine and everything she does is handcrafted from scratch with genuine leather and old chap hide that is top notch quality. We started carrying her items in 2019, debuting them at the NFR in our booth and have been stocking them since.

I wanted to share a bit of my personal collection I’ve slowly gathered piece by piece. Many of these I have in my store such as the conchos, stamped book marks, bleed knots, and braided hoops.

I love how light weight and versatile they are. You can literally wear them with anything. I pair them with denim and a cute graphic tee or throw them with a dress and my tooled leather heels like in the photo below. I have a very different “style” I guess you could say. I never gravitate towards what’s trendy or “in” rather I like what I like and stick to my personality. Something that is classic and will stand the test of time (like genuine vintage turquoise) or something that’s tooled/leather/handmade is what I want to spend my money on when it comes to purchasing for my wardrobe. These have that old school western/cowgirl chic feel to them and as old chap leather does, will get better with age.

If you have seen May’s announcement recently, you may have noticed she is stepping away from her business for awhile as she is beginning a new adventure with a brand new career path. However, not to worry because she’s graciously going to continue to stock Farm Girl with our favorite pieces. Rest assured, FSC isn’t going away permanently.

We will also have these in our shop very soon! How cute are these concho hair ties!?

Continue to support this gal who has become one of my best friends and like a little sister to me! Sometimes you just know when you need to step away and make a move. I’m proud of her for recognizing that this was an opportunity for a new season. She’s still going to create and I’m sure will do updates periodically but you will still be able to get your hands on some of these gorgeous items from us. :)

What are you favorites!?