Rural Revival

Rural Revival

I had the opportunity to sit down with Danna Larson of Rural Revival in April and talk about Farm Girl’s new location, rebranding, Hayfield Meals, Home Design, and all of the things and projects going on within my Brand. I’ve loved listening to her show for years and it was an honor to share my story. All of the show note links and some extras can be found on my episode post here.

You can catch me on Episode 117 of Rural Revival on all podcast platforms and there’s also a little extra for RR listeners at the end.

I’m so thankful for this gal, her heart, and all that she does to support rural America and its revival.

Flying Spade Favorites

Flying Spade Favorites

If you’ve poked around on my instagram for any period of time, you know how big of a fan I am of Flying Spade Co. May is a dear friend of mine and everything she does is handcrafted from scratch with genuine leather and old chap hide that is top notch quality. We started carrying her items in 2019, debuting them at the NFR in our booth and have been stocking them since.

I wanted to share a bit of my personal collection I’ve slowly gathered piece by piece. Many of these I have in my store such as the conchos, stamped book marks, bleed knots, and braided hoops.

I love how light weight and versatile they are. You can literally wear them with anything. I pair them with denim and a cute graphic tee or throw them with a dress and my tooled leather heels like in the photo below. I have a very different “style” I guess you could say. I never gravitate towards what’s trendy or “in” rather I like what I like and stick to my personality. Something that is classic and will stand the test of time (like genuine vintage turquoise) or something that’s tooled/leather/handmade is what I want to spend my money on when it comes to purchasing for my wardrobe. These have that old school western/cowgirl chic feel to them and as old chap leather does, will get better with age.

If you have seen May’s announcement recently, you may have noticed she is stepping away from her business for awhile as she is beginning a new adventure with a brand new career path. However, not to worry because she’s graciously going to continue to stock Farm Girl with our favorite pieces. Rest assured, FSC isn’t going away permanently.

We will also have these in our shop very soon! How cute are these concho hair ties!?

Continue to support this gal who has become one of my best friends and like a little sister to me! Sometimes you just know when you need to step away and make a move. I’m proud of her for recognizing that this was an opportunity for a new season. She’s still going to create and I’m sure will do updates periodically but you will still be able to get your hands on some of these gorgeous items from us. :)

What are you favorites!?

Farm Girl/Callison Ranch Market Grand Opening

Farm Girl/Callison Ranch Market Grand Opening

We had our grand opening a little over a month ago and it was such a sweet start to our new adventure. In true Oklahoma fashion, we ended up getting a 100% chance of rain. Despite the weather, people showed up for us and came out in droves. We are so blessed with the best support and we couldn’t have had a better day!

I’ll try to keep this mainly photos for you all to enjoy but I just want to say, I’m so thankful and blessed to have my store here. I’m busier than I ever was on Main Street which is still so crazy to me. I also am blessed to get to work alongside these three precious women. They are such sweet blessings to me. I truly feel like we are all better together. We work well and work hard. We build each other up and it’s nice to have company. I didn’t realize how lonely I had been working by myself for so many years and I’m just grateful to be next to some God fearing cowgirls like myself each day. Nikki inspires me so much and I love getting to partner with her and offer a unique experience for our customers. We have some BIG things planned for Farm Girl / Callison Ranch Market so keep your eyes peeled for some really fun events and class announcements over the next few months.

We had Mr. Bob come out with his team of Mules and offer Ranch Wagon Rides. This was so fun for our customers and we plan to offer this at future events from time to time.

We finished our evening off with our first long table supper in the horse barn, an event we plan to host more of. We just had our family and close friends join us. Roger smoked meat and we all pitched in on sides. Nikki said a few words before and Papa opened it with prayer. It was such a beautiful end to our day and my favorite part of our grand opening.

Thank you to everyone that joined us and has supported us throughout these changes and new start! We have such a beautiful community locally as well as from afar and want you to know how much we appreciate you.

Photograhy by: Baleigh Creed Photo



I held it together last night a lot better than I thought I would. But seeing her house packed before we ate our last meal at her kitchen table broke my heart.

⁣⁣This is Cheryl – she’s 30 years old than me + one of my best friends. She came into my life the day I opened Farm Girl in 2014 and has been a constant since. My biggest blessing God will probably ever give me through my store is Cheryl. She knows everything about me and loves me anyway, despite my flaws. She’s prayed me through the toughest times in my life. She’s rallied around Zack + I in our marriage and parenting. She’s weeped and celebrated with me.⁣⁣⁣

The last few years, we’d meet at a local coffee shop on Thursdays and she’d teach me how to study scripture. Like really dig deep, cross reference, understand the context, etc. Studying a book at a time, we’d dissect each verse. We’d talk about our week, everything going on in life, and pray together. Some days we would even skip studying to chat because we needed the girl talk. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

She invested in me. Fully. Wholly. Transparently. No judgment. She’s loved me through each season, giving me her time, wisdom, and counsel. I’ll forever be grateful for our friendship. She + Irby opened their home to our family and discipled us. They showed us a foundation we aspire to lay for our own children. They supplied their time and skills to make our new shop what it is. They’ve taught us, fed us, and prayed fervently for our family.⁣ They have been the church and have always pointed us toward Jesus.

⁣⁣⁣I pray everyone has the chance to have a Godly friendship like the one we have. And if you can’t find a Cheryl, be one. It takes time and sacrifice, but it’s beautiful and rich. She’s made me a better follower of Christ, a better wife, mom, and friend.

I know this isn’t goodbye but I sure will miss our weekly (sometimes multiple times a week) visits. I cherish our memories and will have to just learn how to get really good at zoom. I’ve already claimed one of the rooms in their new house for the weekends too. 🤣 (Sorry Irby, you can’t get rid of me that easy.)

⁣⁣⁣⁣I love you, Cheryl! You’ve changed my life and I thank God every time I think of you.

Farm Girl Dressing Room/Bathroom Project

Farm Girl Dressing Room/Bathroom Project

Hey there! I’m excited to share one of my first Farm Girl Home Design projects I’ve been able to do this year. Even though it wasn’t for a client but for our store, I enjoyed this blank canvas! The colors, fixtures, and vanity were already picked out but I had free reign on the decorating and had a lot of fun with it.

We share this space in the market and it also has to serve a dual purpose as our bathroom and dressing room. I wanted a cowgirl chic feel and I think I accomplished that goal. It’s very feminine and hope that it feels like a fun place to try on clothing.

I wanted to use most of what we sell in the store so our customers could see how to use it in their own spaces. The bunkhouse coat rack is a favorite in our home decor line and is used to hang try on items.

Another goal of mine in this area was to make it feel like home, cozy, and beautiful. I found this gorgeous vase at Anthro, the frame with a photo of my horse is from our store (you can find it online soon) and the arrangement was put together by our friend Shanna at Blooming Buffalo Florals. You may have read that she did our bouquets at our Mama’s Day Out and also the fixture on Rose’s head at our checkout counter.

The candle (which smells delicious) we sell and the stirrups I bought from a friend! I love using tack to decorate with.

Of course, I had to put our Longhorn Express graphic up, I love it so much! Talia just adapted the wording for me to accommodate the fitting room.

And these photos below are my poor iPhone shots but I wanted to show you all that I had to get a little creative on covering up the mop sink (we are required to have one to pass code). However, this pretty blush curtain did the trick! And I added in our full length mirror for trying on clothes.

Pro tip: If your space is too small for a regular size hide but you still would like to use one, purchase a calf hide! I use them everywhere. Bathrooms, tabletops, merchandising, etc!

I love this little area and how it came together. Follow me here for links to everything that isn’t from Farm Girl.

From Farm Girl:

  • Full Length Mirror
  • Bunkhouse Coat Rack
  • Silver Photo Frame
  • Candle

Photos by: Baleigh Creed Photography