Scout’s 6th Birthday Party

Scout’s 6th Birthday Party

We celebrated Scout on Sunday with a unicorn themed party in my parent’s backyard. If you know Scout, you know that Unicorns are life right now. We had pizza, sweets, and water inflatables! The kids had a ball and us parents did too.

There was also a unicorn appearance! Our friends brought their mini pony with them for rides. My friend Jenilee is always so creative and made him so cute for us.

It was a good day and we are blessed with the best family and friends who love our girls so much.

Party Details:

Scout is 6

Scout is 6

I try my best to get the girls photos of just them each birthday. I don’t always accomplish this but we were able to have my friend come over last weekend to snap some of Scout. I cannot believe our baby is six years old already. Time flies with the second one and they grow up so much faster. She wanted some with her cowpony, Tonto and best pals, Chief and Smokey. I think Hannah captured her personality perfectly.

She can make us belly laugh to tears. She loves big, has the most contagious laugh, and her personality is unique and fun! I’m so grateful I get to be your momma, Scout! We love you “one hundred million more” baby girl.

Happy Birthday.

Scout’s 1st Birthday | Farmer’s Market Party

Scout’s 1st Birthday | Farmer’s Market Party

scouts-1-birthday-web-10We celebrated Scout’s first birthday party on a Sunday afternoon in June. As tradition, we had the party in my grandparent’s back yard. The rain held off long enough for us to celebrate, despite being a little muddy. The party was a dream and one of my favorites to date. We had sub sandwiches, fresh fruits and veggies, plenty of sweets, and iced tea. My Nana helped me bake my first homemade pie, the cake, and I pulled most of the decor from my store and house. It was special to make those memories with her and I enjoy decorating a party out of things I already have and items that have special family stories behind them.scouts-1-birthday-web-2I wanted the theme to be laid back, simple, and sweet. Obviously, we love us some Farmer’s Market. I thought it would be a really fun party to plan and do-and it was! I got to be really creative and think outside of the box. We had most of the adult’s food and drinks on the back patio but the kids stuff was all sectioned together outside.

I wrapped one of the trees with Polaroids of Scout over her first year of life. It was fun to see what all we had done over the last year and how much she had changed. scouts-1-birthday-web-4One of our deserts was mason jar strawberry shortcake that was super easy to make ahead of time and store. Below it on the shelf was homemade grape jelly for the adult guests to take home. I loved being able to incorporate something that I enjoy doing into the party. And who wants to turn down homemade jelly? jellyScout's Farmer's Market Birthday Party scouts-1-birthday-web-36FmOur little “sandwich wagon” had the meal and fixin’s for guests to come grab as well as our mini mason jar sippers for the kids to drink. They got to take those home with them as well.
scouts-1-birthday-web-40condimentsscouts-1-birthday-web-43scouts-1-birthday-web-41scouts-1-birthday-web-26I used my Nana’s farm table for the kids to sit at. It also served as the “sweets and snacks” area. I had coloring sheets for the kids as well as wooden berry baskets to use as their plate.scouts-1-birthday-web-17scouts-1-birthday-web-20We had homemade Italian cream cake (Nana’s special) with apple and cherry pies. The cake stand that the pie is on was my Nana’s grandmothers. I LOVE  family heirloom pieces. I used a lot of burlap and mason jars that I had laying around my house to decorate with. I have an abundance of jars and probably need an intervention with my collection.
scouts-1-birthday-web-18scouts-1-birthday-web-24scouts-1-birthday-web-23scouts-1-birthday-web-21Chelsea always makes my sweets for parties. She is one of the most talented people on Earth. She has a gift with baking + again, knocked the cake, cookies, + macaroons out of the park. scouts-1-birthday-web-49scouts-1-birthday-web-30crosbyscouts-1-birthday-web-97The kid’s table was fun and they really enjoyed the coloring tablescouts-1-birthday-web-27I bought this high chair junking with my mom one afternoon for around $15. It was a really ugly green color but I gave it knew life with a little bit of Junk Gypsy Paint. I LOVE how it turned out.scouts-1-birthday-web-29Scout cakescouts-1-birthday-web-76I love this picture of Scout and Nana. I have a similar one from my first birthday. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do with the cake but enjoyed the cookies.scouts-1-birthday-web-78scouts-1-birthday-web-79scouts-1-birthday-web-107scouts-1-birthday-web-82scouts-1-birthday-web-11The Farmer’s Market vision I had in my head came to life exactly like I wanted it to and I absolutely love how it turned out. I wanted the kids to experience their own “Farmer’s Market” and it was a hit! I bought cheap canvas totes and bushel baskets off of amazon. My dear friend, Cheryl, made all of the felt food for me. The kids also had little “market lists” to shop off of. The girls love playing kitchen at home and I knew most of their friends would as well. I love favors that you can take home and the kids will actually play with and use. The stand is a display in my store that we use to sell lemonade/hot chocolate throughout the year during main street events. My talented cousin made it for me.scouts-1-birthday-web-9scouts-1-birthday-web-14scouts-1-birthday-web-12scouts-1-birthday-web-16scouts-1-birthday-web-149scouts-1-birthday-web-157scouts-1-birthday-web-146scouts-1-birthday-web-148shoppingscouts-1-birthday-web-144market standshopping marketrscouts-1-birthday-web-108After all of the shopping excitement we had apple bobbing and the kids absolutely enjoyed it! It was so fun watching them (and a couple of adults) bob.scouts-1-birthday-web-64scouts-1-birthday-web-68apple bobbingscouts-1-birthday-web-130My grandparents have an old teeter totter that we also had in the yard for play. So fun!scouts-1-birthday-web-47scouts-1-birthday-web-54scouts-1-birthday-web-52scouts-1-birthday-web-48Finally, we ended the day with mechanical pony rides and gifts on the back patio.

I can’t believe our sweet baby girl is O N E. I sound like every other parent on the planet but time really does fly, especially with a second babe. Our little Scout is such a doll and brings so much joy to us. I can’t wait to have more fun with her over the next year and years to come. She is loved!scouts-1-birthday-web-186

You can see Scout’s Farmer’s market themed one year photo session here and her birthday letter here.

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Paisley’s 4th Cowgirl Party

Paisley’s 4th Cowgirl Party

Sunday we celebrated our sweet little cowgirl turning four with a wild west celebration! It was a simple but sweet party and she had a ball playing with all of her friends. And she seriously has the sweetest friends. Two of which drove up from Texas to spend the day with her. <3 44Every year instead of buying gifts, Zack and I put together a fun party and she has loved it. We hosted at a local ranch event venue, the party was literally in an old horse barn. It was really cute! When we got home she kept talking about how much fun she had with everyone. I’d chalk that up as a successful day.31Most people know how much Paisley loves, lives, eats and breathes being a cowgirl. The party was a total reflection of her. This year I only had to buy the food, cake, and a couple of utensils. Most of everything I borrowed from my house or used a couple of displays from Farm Girl. My nana let me use my great great grandmother’s lace table cloths and my mom used a few of her western bowls for some of the food. It was really simple and fun to throw it all together. My vision for the party was a western and rustic theme with pops of color and a southwest vibe.34I loved “The Waterin’ Hole.” I used this lemonade stand and wash tubs for the drink station. Both are Farm Girl displays (we also sell them) and looked really rustic. The cotton, milk can, and crock are also sold in Farm Girl but I brought them from home.
333635We bought glass bottled cokes, orange crush, root beer, and her favorite, grape crush for the wash tubs. We also had water and tea served.3832Her cake table was so much fun. I had Chelsea from Scribbles Bakery do her cupcakes, cookies, and birthday cake again this year. She always amazes me with her talent. They turned out perfect and was exactly what I wanted.105464547Every year I have the guests at her party write her a message in a book that goes along with her theme. When She turns 18 I plan to have all of the books wrapped up to give to her. 3117The cookies were a hit! I love the cute designs and the hats + horseshoes were my favorite! 8124The table decorations were some of my favorite touches. I used my collection of boots on all of the tables and around the venue with florals inside. I stuck a small mason jar at the bottom of the boot to give it some weight and water for the flowers. I also potted succulents and cactus in cheap pots to go along with my southwest cowgirl theme. I got the pots for 80 cents at Home Depot!1 41Her cake was so fun! I L O V E D the fringe touches.The cake stand is also mine but I got it at Farm Girl as well as the turquoise one previously pictured.421314Our cousin made mason jar banana pudding and my mom made “cow patties” also know as no bake cookies. :)2463916We had lil’ doggies (hot dogs) with the fixins’ and “horse chips” for our meal. I used pie tins for our plates to add western flair.12715628_10153261106870685_6041516127286724850_n9My dad and papa. They grilled the doggies for us. :)17Gift table.

I ordered the rope sign from a local shop a block from mine called The Rustic Ridge. She’s a business friend and makes some of the neatest stuff. I frequent her cute little store a lot. :) The banner behind it is from The Olive Grove Shop. I’ve bought several items from Sarah and she always does an amazing job.27For the party favors, I had a friend of mine hand make stick horses. The kids absolutely loved them and the fact that they got to take one home. They used them for stick horse races, western games, and to play cowboys and cowgirls.2829Zack’s mom and mama made these awesome cutouts out of CARDBOARD for the kids to have a fun photo booth with. I am constantly amazed at what they can make. You might remember last years Cinderella carriage. All of the artwork was free handed and painted. So stinking cute! They made the cactus as well that’s now displayed as decor in Farm Girl.4812715303_10153261106575685_512626623906078586_n12651121_10153261106595685_3485859229190551817_n12717224_10153261106800685_4104684168488650946_n12670857_10153261106680685_526601305241815295_nWe had horseshoes, rope the dummy, and brought the barrels for the kids to have races. I was going to have a table for the kids to make their own brand but you know how parties go, not always how you plan. :)23Paisley and her Papaw.264312647226_10153261113895685_9190518537078874_n12669509_10153261106975685_4998210045335437355_n25Scout got her some new Anderson Bean square toes just for the party.15 18 20 3012650971_10153261118700685_4812066999192364467_n 12687939_10153261109885685_911500003597099767_n12661913_10153261093715685_7749256827273485593_n12717490_10153261107090685_1205371500787899961_n12661912_10153261088280685_5195185871512842515_nShe had a great party and we enjoyed celebrating our sweet girl!


Cactus Garland

Rope Sign

Fabric Garland

Waterin’ Hole Stand, Washtubs, Milk Can, Cotton, Cake Stands, Barnwood Frame, Tractor Seat

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