Simple Cowgirl Style With Scout

Mar 10, 2021 | 0 comments

My youngest is our little fashionista. If she has the opportunity to get dudded up, hair fixed, and a touch of makeup-she’s going for it! However as ranch mamas, I know we don’t always want to send them out in their “nice” outfits because we always know there’s the opportunity they will get ruined, especially with livestock around. But if your cowkids are anything like mine, looking cute is essential.

Here’s a go-to outfit that is about as basic as you can get but a few accessories and a curling wand adds a little flair and gives them a feeling of fixed up. I know that’s how I feel when I just do my hair and makeup anymore. Ha!

Jeans and boots are a staple around these parts and I threw on a colorful tee underneath. A graphic tee would be just as adorable and our favorite cowkid tees come from Little Coyotes! You can see when we first started wearing them from this post.

Pop on a jean jacket over it, curl hair, and we added a bandana! (tip-I folded it over in a triangle and cut in half then rolled so it wasn’t so thick on her. Worked perfect!) Don’t forget the cutest spur straps in all the land! These for sure fancy up the outfit. I’ll provide links below! What are your kiddos favorites to wear?


  • Spur Straps – Rail Three Ranch
  • Jean Jacket – Old Navy (Hand-me-down)
  • Jeans – Ariat from Farm Girl
  • Boots – Anderson Bean (Big Sister Hand-me-down)
  • Bandana – Heritage Bandana from Farm Girl


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