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Oct 16, 2018 | 2 comments

I’m so excited to share about our fun girls trip in Pawhuska, OK! My friend Jess and I have been planning this little getaway for quite some time {April to be exact} and couldn’t wait to surprise our two oldest daughters who are besties with a fun little adventure. They are both old souls and have been obsessed with The Pioneer Woman for a few years. Paisley would pick her cooking show over anything on tv hands down. She can recite the show intro, knows all of her kids names, what they do, who Ladd, Papaw, Tim, Missy, and Cowboy Josh are, the dogs names, and how they operate their cattle ranch. It’s pretty cute and also fun for us to watch together. When she was Scout’s age we bought her a kitchen set and she’s been playing “Ree” since. When PW announced her opening dates for The Boarding House, I jumped right on the site and booked us a room for Paisley’s fall break. I thought it would be a fun little getaway and one on one time with just her.

We went up Sunday around check in time. The girls were ecstatic! I will tell you, Pawhuska is an old, sleepy little town much like where we are from. Almost EVERYTHING is closed on Sunday, including The Merc. So just a warning, be sure you know these things if you aren’t planning to stay an extra day to do all of the fun stuff. Notice Paisley’s Jeans tucked in her boots… Ree she says. Ha! The Boarding House is gorgeous. So well done, quaint, and I love that it’s small. Their staff {pretty much in any of their businesses} are top notch and so friendly and accommodating. Here’s the entry. I want those horse pictures. We booked The Butterfly Room because we figured the girls would love that one the most. It.was.gorgeous! That bathroom had Jess and I drooling. The bed was super comfy, the room was spacious, and they had treats waiting on the girls from The Bakery. I will say, even though everything is closed on Sunday, they still provide guests with a Sunday Stay menu with certain items from the restaurant so you can still have room service. Since there wasn’t much open we went to eat dinner at a little Mexican restaurant off of the highway that was good. It was cold and rainy so we came back to our room after and rented a movie, the girls played in the claw foot tub, had some sweets, and got their sleeping bags out for their “slumber party.”

We woke up with coffee and hot chocolate to our room which was so nice and a sweet treat to wake up to. They made us breakfast reservations so we wouldn’t have to wait in line which I loved that they cater to their guests that stay with them in that way. We got ready and headed to The Merc to start our day!  Jess and I settled on The Farmer’s Breakfast and both girls got Edna Mae’s Pancakes. Both were fabulous. That biscuit was one of the best I’ve ever had in my life.
After breakfast we did some shopping in The Merc. She has some of the cutest things! I almost got that Basset pillow below. It was calling my name. The girls found a few fun things to get and picked out a prize for their sisters. The staff also offers to take your bags to your room when you’re finished shopping. I love that!

After we did a little damage, we went around town to a few of the little shops like Osage Outfitters, Lorec Ranch, and The Buckin’ Flamingo! Then we decided to get our baked goods bought before we sat down for lunch. I think we spent more eating than anything but what’s spending time at the Pioneer Woman if you don’t? I brought home some cinnamon rolls for Zack and Paisley got a cookie. I got myself a coffee, The Spicy Cowgirl. Best.Coffee.Ever. I’m not a big coffee drinker but I could have that every day.

We had lunch at P Town, her new Pizza restaurant and it was so good! The Knot Nots are delicious! I took Zack a pizza home for dinner. Again, I think I spent most of my money on food. 
After lunch, we checked out of the hotel and headed out for The Lodge. We timed it just right for them to start lodge tours back up and you guys, it’s absolutely gorgeous. And so much bigger than I imagined. The Drummond’s have 100,000 acres! I can’t even fathom owning that much land. We literally drove for miles just to get there. The views are amazing and we even saw one of her Bassets, Henry, on the road. Much like bassets, out where he shouldn’t be. Ha! 
The kitchen was a dream. If we ever built again, give me all the concrete/butcher block counter tops and open shelving. I can’t imagine how fun it is to host family and friends out here. I’d probably never leave. But than again, where would I go and would I really want to ever take the drive back to town? HA! Her pantry was incredible and they also had a bedroom at the back of the lodge converted into a second one for storage for the cooking shows.

The lodge is huge and we got to see all of the bedrooms. The girls got to see where she gets ready for her show, “the dressing room” and they also have a big industrial kitchen in the back of it. I love how it’s all decorated. An older man that helped with the lodge tours sat down and talked with the girls for awhile I thought that was so sweet of him to take time out and ask them questions. Again, everyone that helped with their businesses were the kindest people.  Before we left Pawhuska we made our way over to the Tallgrass Prairie to see the buffalo. I think Jess and I were more impressed than the kids but they were also just done for the day. I grew up near a buffalo ranch but Paisley hadn’t seen them up close before. It was so neat. I love that you can just drive through. Highly recommend if you have time and it’s free. The buffalo picture I snapped is probably one of my favorites from the trip. Such a fun and memorable trip for us. Thankful for sweet friends to make memories with and the one on one time I got with Paisley. We try to spend time with each of the girls as well as together and I’m so glad we booked this one. If you ever make it up to Okie Land, I highly recommend visiting these venues.


  1. Lisa @ Extra Black Olives

    What a cool trip! I read somewhere that the Drummonds are in the top 20 landowners in the whole country. I can’t even imagine how much land 100,000 acres is.

  2. Debra

    It was fun reading your post. Not sure I will ever make it to Pawhuska, OK, but seeing your images made me feel as if I were there! I just discovered your blog this evening, it’s now bookmarked. Looking forward to more posts!


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