In With the Old // A Nursery Addition

Jan 4, 2016 | 2 comments

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I hope your first weekend of 2016 was wonderful. We have been going through our home, purging clutter and getting items ready to sell + donate. I love new beginnings, however, the abundance of things scattered across our home can feel a bit overwhelming. I try to look at it as a clean slate and a weight lifted off our shoulders. It’s funny how excess can do that. This year we are trying to live a more minimal lifestyle, only keeping things we really love and use that are also functional for our family. I am so excited. Old stuff makes my heart pitter patter. Especially if it was something previously used that has a lot of history. My mom kept this precious little bookcase AND all of the books inside that were mine growing up. We put it in Scout’s nursery for the girls to enjoy and the memories flooded in. I’ve been a book nerd from day one. As a kid I would rather be lost in a book than bored in front of a TV and one of my hopes for the girls is that they are more excited about written words than images on a screen. Paisley and I pulled the books out, in their old but awesome smelling glory, and we had so much fun going through them. One of my favorite memories as a young child was my parents reading to me. These were a couple of my favorites. Some of the books were my parents that they handed down to me. I love re-purposing items, especially these that are so special. It’s so neat to see things come full circle. We also have a doll sized high chair, cradle, and table with benches that match the bookcase. Paisley has the highchair in her room and uses it all of the time. I am thrilled to see them make memories with these pieces. Do your kids use any of your old items? I’d love to know in the comments below. :) Our weekend was slow and good for us to rest up as Zack went back today for his last week and a half! We spent time baking, trying new recipes, our first church weekend for the New Year and loving on the girls-so blessed by my family. Happy Monday to you all, I hope you have a great week!


  1. Crystal

    I love that your parents kept this bookshelf and books! What a sweet and special thing to be able to pass down to your babies. Love it.

    • Kenzie Ashcraft

      Thank you friend! It brings back a lot of memories. :)


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