My dad and husband have a custom hay business that keeps them busy from May to as late as October. In 2019 I started a fun project on Instagram–#hayfieldmeals–as a way to connect with other farm and ranch wives and families. I had no idea how great the response to it would be but its original purpose was to serve as a creative outlet for me to feed my family well with homemade meals–from our table to their tractor. It’s my way to help “make a hand in the field and kitchen” while also getting our two daughters involved. So much to be learned in the kitchen.

 Most summer nights are spent driving to their current job, my vehicle or truck bed serving as a literal feed wagon and traveling picnic table. Gathering together as a family over a meal is important to us no matter what season we are in. I know the same goes for other farming and ranching families like ours.

Since Hayfield Meals started, I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many other wives like myself who were in need of a community like this one to connect with. I share recipes, meal prep, snacks, grocery shopping, travel tips, favorite products, our guys in the field, ways your kids can be involved and more.

I’m working on a cookbook for 2021. Trademark is pending.

You can follow along and interact with us on Instagram!


All of my recipes and blogs will be posted for easy access and printing. Merch will be launched soon!

Cooking for them is something that has brought me a lot of joy and, if I’m being honest, delivering dinner is sometimes the only 30 minutes we see our guys during the day. I’ve had the best time in my kitchen for what feels like the first time, especially with my little ladies as we go get groceries together, chop vegetables, marinate meat, lick the spoon, and pack up a hot meal to take to Papaw and Daddy for the night.

I want this to be a fun community for everyone, full of encouragement, laughs, and cooking. I’ll have everything here and on our Instagram account, but please tag and give credit on my content that you share. I’d love to see your meals and deliveries in action!

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BBQ Chicken Spuds

BBQ Chicken Spuds

I made these glorified baked potatoes last night and they were a hit! It was super easy and didn't require a ton of cleanup or make a mess. I'll gladly carry the title of "Queen of the Crockpot" because it's my most used kitchen appliance. No shame in my game, y'all. You can make about anything in those and I'd love to hug whoever came up with the genius invention. I'm convinced it was a farm or ranch wife. If you are needing to feed a crew, I highly recommend these spuds. A few chicken breasts and a sack of potatoes can go along way, especially if you are trying to budget. This is not a tractor friendly meal like his lunches and snacks are. Often times the girls and I will take Zack supper as that's our only time together in the summer when hay is going on. Tailgate dinners have become our mobile kitchen table. I set up a little "fix it yourself" potato bar in the back of his truck...

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Banana Pudding

Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is such a sacred, simple dish enjoyed at birthdays, holidays, backyard barbecues, and many other gatherings. It's one of our favorite deserts and my go-to when I'm in a pinch and need to take a desert to feed several. It's also one of my most requested Hayfield Meal treats by Zack. If you want to cart it to the field, just assemble in a Rubbermaid and attach a lid. I made a big batch of this to take to the guys and thought I’d share the recipe I love to use. It’s super unhealthy but I’m not making’ ya eat it so don’t judge, just scroll on if ya don’t like it.⁣⁣⁣⁣  Banana Pudding the Farm Girl way. ⁣⁣⁣⁣ 4 boxes of cream cheese jello2 cups of milk per box (6 cups total, box also gives instructions)tub of whipped cream2 bags of cheap wafer cookies. They are the best.Teeny tiny splash of vanillabananas Mix jello and milk and let set up for a few minutes. Whisk in...

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