Fun + Inexpensive Succulent Containers

Jul 10, 2018 | 4 comments

There is just something about summer that makes me want to plant all of the things. I have so much fun dressing up the front porch with various shades of green and love the life it gives to our house. It’s no secret I’m a cactus/succulent lover, and not just because I’m able to keep them alive. I love the different sizes, shapes, and textures. I found these old cans at an antique store two years ago and finally put them to use! I love the unique labels and the big one in the back is just an old coffee can. I normally use terracotta pots for neutral tones to plant in but these were too fun to pass up.

Succulents do not need a lot of root space because they store most of their nutrients and water in their leaves, so don’t let a smaller can be a deterrent. This gives my table a little pop of color and is and adds some decor elements to the porch.I water these about once per week/week and a half. I’ve watered too much before and it’s killed them. They also need plenty of sun. Since our house faces the east, I sometimes have to set them out to get more sunlight.I’m hoping to find some more soon and put them up in the shop to sale. Comment below with your unique planter ideas.


  1. Sarah

    These are so cute! I love going to a thrift store for unusual succulent planters. My favorite set was probably a teapot, sugar bowl, and tea cups! And fun mismatched mugs.

  2. Emma Lander

    Oh they look amazing. I have planted up the kids old boots this year but I did do an olive oil can once. I’m not sure where it is now. It’s so hot here this year though that everything is dying :(


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