Farm Girl Grand Opening {9/18/14}

Sep 29, 2014 | 8 comments

We had an amazing Grand Opening on September 18th! We were so blessed with an awesome turnout that we didn’t get to close until 7:30 and the store was full all day!

My mom, Bri, and Laurie {like my other mom} all helped me out on Grand Opening Day and I am so thankful! Laurie and Mom has been helping me the last month and a half just getting the store together and I couldn’t have done it without them! Bri is a friend of mine and just started working for me last week. We have so much fun here and I love the extra help.
We served cookies, popcorn, and sweet tea all day. Chelsea from Scribbles Bakery in our town did an AMAZING job on the cookies. I was so excited when I opened the box. :)
 We had such an awesome time and want to thank everyone for coming out to support us! :)
 We will be opening up an online store next year but you can buy off of our facebook and instagram and have it shipped. Just give us a call!
The “after” photos of the store will be posted tomorrow. :)


  1. Kenzie Ashcraft

    Oh wow! Congrats for your shop! Look really cute

  2. Kenzie Ashcraft

    Looks amazing! When I am in OK visiting family after our 2nd baby arrives I will def have to make a stop by there!

  3. Kenzie Ashcraft

    Such a blessing for things to have gone so well on opening day! It’s such an adorable boutique, and I know that your are going to just do amazing things with it! Congrats, girl!


  4. Kenzie Ashcraft

    How cool! I bet its a dream come true :) LOVE the branding and those cookies look delish!! Those black and white photos are awesome!! Congratulations!!

  5. Kenzie Ashcraft

    oh gosh! How fun!! I don’t know if I will ever find myself in Ada, OK but If I do I will stop by that place looks so cute! congrats!

  6. Kenzie Ashcraft

    I am so glad that your Grand Opening went so well! I have to get to Ada asap!!! I want to see you and your store!!!!


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