Farm Girl Boutique {After}

Sep 30, 2014 | 10 comments

I am so excited to finally show you all the finished product of the store! :) I posted here the “before” pictures and I am amazed at how different it looks. This place is such a blessing and I am so thrilled about this new journey. Most of these photos are the night before the grand opening that my talented friend, Aubrey, took!
We laid new flooring and added a warm yellow butter color to the walls and white to the ceiling.
I love cows.
Each week we have a new verse in Farm Girl for memorization. What better way to kick us off than what started us//Ruth.
My dad’s friend built the check out station and did a lot of the interior work that I had envisioned. “The Barn” is one of my FAVORITE parts of the store. :)
Again, more cows. :)
I wrote all about the start of this journey here.
I love this sweet space. It is more than I ever dreamed of. I remind myself each day that this can never be about me///it HAS to be about Him. For His glory. I know that the Lord has big plans for Farm Girl and I can’t wait to help them unfold. This walk has been challenging, eye opening, and one of the most wonderful experiences. I pray that this business will blossom and always reflect Godly qualities in Godly women who aspire to be like Ruth daily.
I would like to thank you all, my friends and family, for the support you have given me. It means the world to have such amazing community in your life who lifts you up. I am loved by the King of Kings and couldn’t think of anything else in this world that I need more than that.
 I am blessed to be a Farm Girl.


  1. Kenzie Ashcraft

    oohhh mmyyyy gooshh! I could stay there all day! I love all the details, all the things you offer! looove it!

  2. Kenzie Ashcraft

    These pictures make me SO happy! I’m so happy for YOU and absolutely love everything about your store…if I were going to open a store of my own and you crawled into my brain to see what it would look like, you would see Farm Girl! I seriously cannot wait to visit…you’re giving me a major itch to do something similar in Bowie, which I’ve thoughts about here and there over the past year ;-) Also, can I just tell you again how much I LOVE that metal day calendar?!!! I’m guessing it’s not for sale and just part of your display, but if it is, I WANT IT! Bahahaha. No, seriously…I really, really do want it! ;-)

  3. Kenzie Ashcraft

    This is so cool! <3 and wish I could come wander in there!

  4. Kenzie Ashcraft

    I totally want that aztec sweater. Linking to all your social media to see if I can get it :)

  5. Kenzie Ashcraft

    SO beautiful! Great job! I wish I lived closer so I could come visit the store!

  6. Kenzie Ashcraft

    I still can’t get over the CUTENESS of the store! You did an amazing job!!

  7. Kenzie Ashcraft

    BEAUTIFUL store!! The characteristics of it are just amazing! I love love love “the barn”!

  8. Kenzie Ashcraft

    I love everything about everything about this store! Congratulations and good luck with it! If I ever find myself in Oklahoma, I’ll be shopping :)


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