Barn House Christmas

Dec 9, 2021 | 0 comments

It’s our favorite time of year, especially around the house. I don’t do a ton of decorating because too much makes our small space feel so cluttered but I love adding festive touches here and there that gives our home a more cozy feel.

I wanted to share a few areas I’ve styled for Christmas. Our living, kitchen and dining is one large area. We don’t have a fireplace or mantel so I’ve been using command hooks on our barn door to hang our stockings for a few years now and I love it just as much.

This is pretty much what my set up in this area looks like all of the time minus the stockings and wreath around the calf head. Also, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but this cabinet was given to me by my Grand. It was one of my favorite pieces of hers and I remember every time I’d visit her home in Texas, I’d open it and go through it and all of the pictures she’d display inside. It’s the PERFECT piece to store my gardening/homesteading books, recipe tins, and cookbooks in.

The letterboard is one of my most used décor pieces because it’s so versatile. I use it for everything, every season, fun song lyrics, birthday messages, etc. I just livened it up with a fun pom and star garland. The trees I’ve had for about 9 years – the tray is always there with everything in it other than the mini wreath I wrapped around the candle. Remember my summer tablescape?

I love our tree. It’s slim because we are limited on space. It’s flocked but not too heavy on the snow. I have it inside a tree box -I’m not a fan of tree skirts. Our tree is mostly rustic/western accompanied by a hodgepodge of ornaments for the kids or handmade ones they’ve done for us. I love them. Each year we all get an ornament to add (sometimes more) and it’s fun to reflect on those memories each Christmas when we drag the holiday boxes out to decorate.

This year for example, we got a big foot for our family ornament for our yearly trips to Hochatown (what they are famous for), Paisley got a library ornament for our book worm, Scout sweet tea (enough said) Zack got a Smokey the Bear (always gets a fire related ornament) and I got a longhorn as we have really worked on growing our registered herd the last year. When the girls have families of their own, I plan to gift them some of their special ornaments to start their own trees.

The last thing I want to share is this super fun wrapping paper. Because I don’t go all out on decorating and rarely buy anything new at Christmas time to decorate with, I usually splurge on fun wrapping paper. If you’ve bought anything from my shop, you know packaging is a big deal to me. Presentation says a lot and truly makes a gift just a tad more magical. I enjoy giving a gift and taking the time to wrap it, add a pretty bow, gift tag, etc. I think when someone knows you took the time to be intentional with their gift is special. I’ve always done a print for each person in the family. This year, the girls got horses, Zack got the cowboy, and all other gifts get the fun rustic, green paper.

I really enjoy our home this time of year. We usually have Dolly + Kenny’s Christmas vinyl album on repeat, good meals on the table, and lots of friends and family over. There’s something about soft lights, a good drink, and watching Christmas movies.


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