I’m Kenzie–I love Jesus. I’m a Fireman’s Wife. Girl Mom. Cowgal. Store Owner. Hayfield Meal Deliverier, just to name a few hats that I wear.

Glad to have ya here. This will be the most long winded about page you’ve ever read, but if you know me, you know I can’t seem to keep things short and sweet. However, this will give you all the deets about who I am, where I come from, my passions, about my blog, and more. I think it’s important to see where people come from and what makes them who they are.

I grew up on a farm/ranch in southeast Oklahoma. I’ve never known anything other than the western culture and gosh, what a way to live. I feel so blessed to have grown up that way. When I wasn’t on the back of my horses, I was riding around in my Dad’s feed truck singing along to the tunes of Hank Thompson, Ernest Tubb, Bob Wills and a plethora of other old timey country legends. My love for music runs deep. Fun fact, my dad and I danced to ‘Humpty Dumpty’ at my wedding because it was our song. Not traditional at all but again, that just isn’t me. This is also coming from a gal who watched more Bonanza, Gunsmoke, Roy Rogers, Mister Ed, Clint Eastwood, and John Wayne shows than anything else a kid “normally” watched on the tube. All of that cowboyin’ made this girl forever a Dale Evans at heart.

My family comes from generations upon generations of farmers and ranchers. From Northern to Southern Oklahoma, my Native American heritage runs deep and family roots spread far and wide. My mom’s grandparents ran a sale barn and raised/trained horses. My Dad’s Great Grandparents, Grandparents, and his parents have all farmed their entire lives and I love that the small seeds that are planted continue to harvest down the family tree. The old wheels from my Great Grandpa’s wagon are in my store windows. My store is located right in the heart of Ada, OK, in a historic building on main street, pictured here.

My husband works as a full-time career firefighter for the Ada Fire Department. The building pictured below was the first station he worked at. Each year the FD organizes the Ada Fireman’s Rodeo which has been a longstanding Ada tradition since 1935.

I grew up rodeoing most of my life as well as showing livestock. On the weekends we were off somewhere to compete. Many weekdays were spent surrounded by a bunch of old men in the roping pen, doing their best to teach me what they knew. Today, I still prefer it that way.

When I was 17 my husband walked in the back door of my parents’ house and it was all over with. As my papa would say “With one look he melted like butter in August.” Ha! But in all seriousness, we both knew in that moment; we were supposed to be together. And here we are, over a decade later. Ok, there’s a little more to that story, you can read more about our love story on the blog. I’ll forever be starry eyed about that blue-eyed man. Even when I am 80.

I went to college as an Ag Business major at Oklahoma State University and competed on their rodeo team during my time there. My sophomore year, Zack and I tied the knot, moved to our first home, had our first baby, and then moved back to my hometown. After a few job changes, more school, opening my Boutique, and Zack going through an academy-he became a firefighter, and here we are. It was quite the crazy road trip to where we are today, but I am so thankful to be where we are. I do nothing I went to school for but I’ve learned that plans don’t always go the way we think they will. For that I am thankful.

We have several years under our belt now with both our retail business and him as a career fireman. From May-October Zack and my Dad have a custom hay business that keeps them hooked up in the field for most of the season and I’ve started a fun little project called ‘Hayfield Meals™’ . You will see a lot of posts about that on this space and you can also visit the ‘Hayfield Meals™’ section of the blog for more info. I have expanded my retail business to offer custom interior design services and all the information is on the ‘Home Design’ page. I have always loved to decorate, and I am so excited to share my gifts to make your house, home.

Of all the titles I adorn, Daughter of the King, Wife, and Child Wrangler to our two daughters Paisley and Scout are my badges of honor. I love the Lord and am so thankful to have this space to share my faith. I started an online Bible Study group called Branded with the Word and it’s been such a sweet community and growing experience for my faith. I want the whole world to know Jesus and what He’s done for all of us and would love to have you there! I want this space to have everything. Not just meals or home design, or pictures of cows. But thoughts, scripture, adventures, tips, and everything in between. But trust me, there will be plenty of cow pics here. We have started our own little herd on my parent’s cattle ranch, and I consider photographing bovine cheap therapy.

After 10 years of blogging, I decided to give this space a facelift with the help of my sweet friend Talia and start from scratch. Most of my ramblings over the last decade have been geared more towards family updates and a way for me to get my thoughts out as journal entries for my kids to read one day. Albeit I will still be doing that, but this space will now serve a few other purposes and as a creative outlet for me.

The rural lifestyle is in my bones and I am grateful we get to raise our kids this way. I’m thankful I get to live out the rest of my days, still on the back of a horse, in a paintbrush covered field of cattle. What a blessing. I cannot wait to document this trail ride of life on my small corner of the web.

You will find blog posts of the following: recipes, ranch life, hay + cattle business, home design, faith, marriage, motherhood, style, beauty, favorites, travel, gardening, homeschooling and again, cows.






I’m excited to see where this goes and I’m glad to have you reading along.

Alright, that’s enough.