A Move Towards Financial Freedom

May 25, 2021 | 2 comments

I did a thing. But first, I’ll tee it up. ⁣

The choices I’ve made in my life and as a business owner haven’t always gone as “planned”. I’ve learned that I don’t mind approaching things in a non-traditional way. I felt the tension of what I was “supposed” to do; go to college, get a degree, a “grown-up” 9 to 5, get married, have kids, go through the motions of a cookie cutter “American Dream”.⁣

So, I went to college but, I left in the middle of my Sophomore year to get married. We had a baby and then two years later I went to Nursing School. I decided that wasn’t for me and was presented with a dream to open a store. So many of you have watched my journey with @farmgirlada + I can’t wait to tell you even more about our recent move. Let’s just say it’s it took me awhile to figure out what would actually be the best but— we made it! I shouldn’t be surprised a cattle ranch, in the middle of nowhere is where we would flourish but here we are! Talk about God being faithful in the untraditional. ⁣

I’ve been judged, told I was crazy. The suggestions of a better “path” have been given. But what I’ve realized is my store exists for more reasons than monetary ones. All of my business ventures do. I’d never have gotten to do what I’ve done with my customers or freedom with my kids if I would have went to 12 hour nursing shifts. The best title I’ll ever have is Zack’s wife and Paisley + Scout’s mom. Which is why when I saw an opportunity to partner with a ground floor health + wellness company with amazing products, the most legitimate pay structure and even a debt pay off program— I was in. I asked my questions and boy, were they answered.⁣

There’s nothing to lose and if you know me, you know the health and wellness journey I’ve been on for the last two years! I’m ready to add another adventure under my belt and provide a financial opportunity that is absolutely insane for us. I’ve been down the road of MLM many times and I will tell you 100% this is nothing like you’ll ever see. I’m getting back in the saddle and ready to create more freedom for our family in ways we’ve never seen. Financially, with time, with education. Let’s ride.


  1. Jenilee

    I’m excited for you! Looking forward to getting together soon so I can get all the nitty gritty details!


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